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PBC News & Comment: GOP Cowers to Trump’s Bullying

Lame-duck Sen. Bob Corker proposes limits on Trump’s tariff powers, but fearful GOP senators are afraid to “poke the bear”….--Trump broke the rules, tweeted on election day, costing Rep. Mark Sanford a primary defeat

--liberal linguistics prof. George Lakoff says Trump is winning the linguistic war

--corporate media and Dems slam Trump over concessions to Kim Jong-un

--NY Times editorial is one example

--ConsortiumNews editor Joe Lauria uses NY Times coverage to argue that Nixon got more bipartisan support for trip to China in 1972

--Kevin Gosztola at Shadowproof has cogent comments, too

--the blue sky propaganda video shown to Kim was produced by the National Security Council, and they didn’t bother to check the name of the fake producer

--Trump continues to pound Canada’s Justin Trudeau, even as his lies are exposed

--since Trump was against the AT&T merger with Time Warner, it’s OK

--Zephyr Teachout explains the cost of mergers in great op-ed

--Massachusetts AG is first to sue members of Sackler family, whose Purdue Pharma made wealthy from Oxycontin sales

--NY Times seems ready to throw reporter Ali Watkins under the bus, launcing its own investigation after learning her emails were grabbed by prosecutors

--detractors of St. James Comey are eagerly awaiting Justice inspector general’s report on Clinton email investigation

--Michael Cohen is re-lawyering up, perhaps to delay proceedings or to seek a plea deal

--in op-ed, Liza Featherstone slams Denver Planned Parenthood for trying to block union organizing

--making it clear that Jeff Bezos runs Seatlle, city council repeals tax on large companies to address homeless problem

--investigators blame P G & E utility for causing most of the 2017 Wine Country fires

--California voters will face choice to split into 3 states in November