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PBC News & Comment: In Trump’s Twisted View, IG Exonerated Him

Eagerly mixing his apples and oranges, Trump claims that IG report that slammed Comey exonerates him of everything he’s been accused of….--channelling Hillary, former NY Times editor Jill Abramson says Comey cost Clinton the election, FBI was “ship of fools”

--in NY Times op-ed, Comey accepts some blame, deflects other blame, and offers platitudes about American justice

--caught red-handed violating laws about Trump Foundation, our Dear Tweeter blames Democrats….and his Twitter fans will believe it

--judge revokes bail for Paul Manafort for witness tampering

--Trump provokes the trade war he’s been threatening, as $50 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports will take effect July 6

--Trump used Singapore summit as excuse to leave G7 early, but was bored and tried to move up the meeting with Kim

--Patrick Martin, reporter for, returns to update the spooks and soldiers recruited by Dems for House campaigns this year

--reporters got a tour of the WalMart in Brownsville that’s been converted to immigration prison for minors

--Jeff Sessions defends family separation with Bible verse that was used to defend slavery

--an array of American religious leaders are finally speaking up against family separation, without “poking the bear”

--Trump throws wrench into House negotiations on Dreamer bill

--ACLU alerts us to administration plan to destroy records of immigrant abuse

--Apple moves to tighten security on iPhones, enraging FBI and other snoopers

--in prosecution of UC Berkeley antifa defendants, prosecutors are using as a witness a pro-Trump demonstrators who admitted hitting protesters

--the big research project on effects of alcohol, funded by the booze industries, has been cancelled