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PBC News & Comment: Inspector General Report Gives Ammo to Both Sides

Justice Dept. watchdog slams Comey for “insubordination” but clears FBI of bias, despite damaging evidence and breaches of longstanding policies….–initial reports indicate IG didn’t consider the content of any Clinton emails, nor did it note that Strozk drafted Comey’s clearance of Clinton before FBI interview

–former FBI #2 Andy McCabe sues for memos about his firing

–at The Nation, Aaron Maté sums up year 1 of Mueller probe: indictments don’t prove any collusion

–on Tuesday, Mueller asked court to protect evidence from a Russian firm he indicted, after judge refused a delay; is he surprised they are contesting?

–New York AG completes investigation of Trump Foundation, calling to shut it down and bar Donald and the kids from ever serving on nonprofit boards

–GOP vs GOP in trade wars leads to bickering among senators

–Saudi forces with US support launch attack on Yemen’s port city of Hodeida, leaving millions to threat of starvation

–Daniel Ortega’s opponents stage 1-day general strike in Nicaragua, demanding he step down

–after US vetoed similar resolution at Security Council, UN General Assembly slams Israel for deaths in Gaza

–here in the liberal Bay Area, Muslim leader’s award from interfaith group is withdrawn after complaints and funding cutoff threats from pro-Israel groups

–ranked-choice voting in special San Francisco election elevates first black woman to Mayor, extending block on progressive Mayors to over 25 years


–MeToo updates: Sylvester Stallone under investigation, Dr. Luke denies Kesha’s claim that he raped Katy Perry

Townhall runs update on former Air Force Academy cadet Eric Thomas, who was interviewed here last year