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PBC News & Comment: Trump Keeps Lying About Separation of Immigrant Families

Instead of his “zero tolerance” policy, Trump blames nonexistent law for separations, but Obama’s deportation practices were pretty bad, too….–Trump spreads fear and misinformation, hoping to force Congress to build the wall in order to free hostage kids and Dreamers

–Laura Bush and other Republicans join Democrats in denouncing separation, but don’t blame Trump personally

–Kellyanne Conway and DHS boss Kirstjen Nielsen repeat Trump’s lie, and add a few new ones

–Nielsen’s claim that asylum seekers are admitted at ports of entry is proven false by Debbie Nathan’s report at The Intercept 

–at Shadowproof, Brian Sonenstein reviews Obama’s record on deportation and family separation, and it’s not pretty

–Trump seems to hope that immigration fights will bring down the Merkel government in Germany

WashPost columnist Paul Waldman raises questions about role of NY FBI office in Clinton loss, but answers could tilt either way

–George Papadopolous has a new wife, who defends him by saying he was suspected of being an agent for Israel

–while some Israelis flew kites with candy over Gaza, IDF fighters conducted 4 airstrikes aimed at Palestinian kite flyers

–in snarky example of yellow journalism, NY Times reports on skeptics of the Skripal story, in order to dismiss their doubts

–in unanimous avoidance of gerrymandering impacts, SCOTUS deflects two cases on technical grounds

–North Carolina is the test lab for GOP voter suppression schemes, and Republicans refuse to stop

–at Truthdig, Chris Hedges offers blistering indictment of Bernie Sanders for selling out to Democrats

–at ConsortiumNews, John Pilger leads call for Australia to bring Assange back home

–when prosecutors railroad innocent people into prison, they face no consequences, says Nina Morrison in op-ed

–Pennsylvania finally paroles the first member of Move, wrongly convicted for cop killing in 1978