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PBC News & Comment: Who Wins Blame Game Over State-Sponsored Child Abuse?

Don’t misunderestimate the power of hate, as Dems hope to split GOP but Trump’s appeal to Dark Side may prevail….–moving audio recording of jailed toddlers asking for mami and papi

–Trump stays his despicable course, describes immigrants like vermin who will “pour into and infest” our country

–Laura Ingraham says these kiddie jails are like “summer camps”

–Jill Abramson says this is Trump’s “Katrina moment”

–4 governors cancel National Guard border deployments in protest

–mass trials of captured immigrants aren’t justice

–negative impacts on these children may last a lifetime

NY Times editorial compares Trump’s policy to wife beater who blames his wife for making him beat her,  and columnist Frank Bruni calls the kids “hostages”

–in Texas, a sheriff’s deputy is accused of molesting a 4-year-old girl, and blackmailing her undocumented mother with threat of deportation

–Jeff Sessions and his former aide Stephen Miller are the fathers of this ugly mess

–the new Italian minister who rejected the boatload of refugees last week is now trying to expel the Roma people—also called gypsies—from Italy

–American nativist Kris Kobach loses trial over citizenship test for voters, and is lectured by the judge for bad lawyering

–Trump’s digital guru and 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale, tweets call to fire AG Sessions and end Mueller investigation

–members of both parties hammer FBI for Clinton email probe, ignoring the long-running problems at the Bureau

–lawyers for former Senate staffer accused of leaking want gag order that includes Trump, and prosecutors say they won’t subpoena reporters

–former CIA hacker is formally charged with leaking Vault 7 to Wikileaks

–Kim Jong-un returns to Beijing, expected to exploit trade war tensions with US