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PBC News & Comment: Who Wins Blame Game Over State-Sponsored Child Abuse?

Don’t misunderestimate the power of hate, as Dems hope to split GOP but Trump’s appeal to Dark Side may prevail….--moving audio recording of jailed toddlers asking for mami and papi

--Trump stays his despicable course, describes immigrants like vermin who will “pour into and infest” our country

--Laura Ingraham says these kiddie jails are like “summer camps”

--Jill Abramson says this is Trump’s “Katrina moment”

--4 governors cancel National Guard border deployments in protest

--mass trials of captured immigrants aren’t justice

--negative impacts on these children may last a lifetime

--NY Times editorial compares Trump’s policy to wife beater who blames his wife for making him beat her,  and columnist Frank Bruni calls the kids “hostages”

--in Texas, a sheriff’s deputy is accused of molesting a 4-year-old girl, and blackmailing her undocumented mother with threat of deportation

--Jeff Sessions and his former aide Stephen Miller are the fathers of this ugly mess

--the new Italian minister who rejected the boatload of refugees last week is now trying to expel the Roma people—also called gypsies—from Italy

--American nativist Kris Kobach loses trial over citizenship test for voters, and is lectured by the judge for bad lawyering

--Trump’s digital guru and 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale, tweets call to fire AG Sessions and end Mueller investigation

--members of both parties hammer FBI for Clinton email probe, ignoring the long-running problems at the Bureau

--lawyers for former Senate staffer accused of leaking want gag order that includes Trump, and prosecutors say they won’t subpoena reporters

--former CIA hacker is formally charged with leaking Vault 7 to Wikileaks

--Kim Jong-un returns to Beijing, expected to exploit trade war tensions with US