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PBC News & Comment: Trump Relents, Signs Order Ending Family Separation

Struggling to contain political firestorm he ignited, Trump signs executive order that he says will end family separation of immigrants….--Trumpers’ outrage does lasting damage, as Corey Lewandowski shows no shame in ridiculing 10-year-old migrant with Down syndrome

--Microsoft employees protest company’s $19 million contract with ICE

—in Ohio, new ICE sweep grabs 145 workers at meat packer

--criticism of US immigration policies by UN Human Rights Council member leads US to bail on the Council, while blaming critics of Israel

--the ever-odious David Horowitz takes credit for Stephen Miller’s rise to influence

--while we are distracted by the contrived crisis at the border, Trump continues to decimate Obamacare, and big corporations are planning their own health systems

--and the trade war will cost consumers and workers, even Repubs are alarmed

--in symbolic vote, GOP Sens. Burr and Collins block punitive GOP plan to cut spending on Children’s Health Insurance

--Kim Jong-un leaves China after shifting to trade emphasis

--US-South Korea war games are officially cancelled

--Canada legalizes marijuana, ending 90 years of prohibition

--OxyContin maker Perdue lays off all sales people

--in our in-depth interview, Serhii Plokhy explains how the Chernobyl disaster led to the breakup of the Soviet Union

--Rudy 9/11 Giuliani is suspected of assisting leaking by NY FBI agents in 2016

--Guardian breaks story about Julian Assange’s frequent visitor, American lobbyist Adam Waldman, but it proves nothing

--Trump aide Joe Hagin is resigning, days after Buzzfeed revealed his wife’s connections to NXIVM sex cult

--compare the news: NY Times blames violence in Nicaragua on Daniel Ortega, but Max Blumenthal reveals American role in promoting insurrection


--California’s effort to pass net neutrality bill is undermined by Dem legislator who got donations from A T & T