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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Ruling Requires Warrant for Cell Location Data

Chief Justice joins liberals to ban use of cellphone location data without warrant, in Michigan case of mobile phone thieves….the ruling doesn’t cover Stingray, but opinions suggest this court would require warrant for Stingray collection of location data

–Trump’s cruel treatment of immigrants exposes obscene conditions in jails for kids

–in strong op-ed, immigrant advocate Sonia Nazario tells the horros of family incarceration, and details cheaper, more humane options

–Rep. Jackie Speier proposes using DNA to unite separated familes, but who will own that data?

–how long will it take Trump to attack Judge Dolly Gee, the tough Obama appointee in charge of Flores consent decree?

–PBC recommends a listen to this 2016 podcast about Japanese internment, with Richard Cahan, editor of powerful photo collection, Un-American


–despite the expected “deterrent effect” of Trump’s punitive measures, many potential immigrants still plan to try to cross the border

–Joseph Nevins explains the US role in creating the conditions in Honduras that prompt people to leave

–at his mob rally in Duluth, Trump lied every 2 minutes for an hour, mostly about immigration

–as House postponed vote on “compromise” immigration bill, Trump makes risky bet, says wait till after election

–Optics in the news: Time gets bashed for cover photo of migrant girl who wasn’t separated from her mother, and PBC modifies his comments on Melania’s fashion choices

–no surprise: NSA leaker Reality Winner will take plea deal, and The Intercept still hasn’t admitted it screwed her

–House GOP budget delivers warnings about plans to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

–House passes farm bill that expands work requirements for food stamps, or SNAP

–Trump’s trade war is already squeezing Trump voters, but do they care?

–Trump plan to reorganize and merge cabinet departments probably will die in Congress, because it would reduce turf of committees

–America’s charming national security adviser, John Bolton, is dispatched to Russia to set up meeting with Putin