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PBC News & Comment: Intolerant Trumpers Face a Little Intolerance

Huckabee Sanders asked to leave Red Hen, Maxine Waters urges more public rejection of Trump Tools, the uncivil demand civility….--“taking the high road” leads the left to the wrong destination

--Trump lashes out at Red Hen and “low IQ Maxine Waters”

--this follows his repeated call to suspend the constitution at the border

--15-year-old solo migrant boy walks away from Walmart prison in Brownsville

--Vice exposes more inhumane treatment of minors at Shenandoah Valley lockup, and exposes leaked ICE manual that allows agents to break the law

--Bay Area resists plan for internment camp at decommissioned Concord Naval Weapons Station that could lock up 47,000

--Trump’s latest big lie is about plans for “thousands and thousands” of immigration judges, presently there are only 334

--Zephyr Teachout calls for the abolition of ICE in Guardian op-ed

--in new, in-depth interview, international journalist Pepe Escobar returns to talk about the G7 meetings, the Singapore Summit, and a growing Russia-China alliance

--Escobar comments in the interview on Turkey’s re-election of Erdogan under expanded dictatorial powers

--China blocks HBO after John Oliver made fun of Xi Jinping

--Jared Kushner shows his bias in Israel, as he demands that Palestinians join negotiations that are clearly biased

--Supreme Court right wing is spineless and irrational in latest rulings, dodging gerrymandering appeals and a florist who refused a gay wedding job

--asserting religious objections, Arizona pharmacist refuses to fill Plan B Rx for woman carrying dead embryo

--the “yield curve”, which is the gap between interest rates of short-term and long-term bonds, is predicting a recession

--FDA approves first drug derived from cannabis, for treatment of seizures