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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Ignores Trump’s Obvious Racism

Right wing majority on Supreme Court upholds Trump’s Travel Ban 3.0, using specious arguments and rejecting obvious evidence of bias….--Justice Sotomayor channels William O. Douglas in fearless dissent

--Trump exults in his nativist victory

--in op-ed, law professor Leah Litman makes some good points

--Trump continues relentless, deceptive attacks on Dems and Maxine Waters

--border officials confirm that “zero tolerance” is on hold, “catch and release” is back

--calls to “abolish ICE” lead Sen. Kamala Harris to to advocate “starting from scratch”

--Trump uses bullying and demagoguery trying to keep Harley Davidson from shifting production off shore in response to tariffs

--in another stinky ruling based on selective reading of intent, SCOTUS says California law requiring honest info about abortion is “likely” unconstitutional

--federal judge in San Francisco tosses climate change lawsuits targeting oil companies

--Reality Winner pleads guilty, will likely get 5 year prison term

--Trevor Timm pens The Intercept’s dissembling narrative about Reality Winner, refusing to acknowledge how they burned a confidential source

--NY Times finally offers details of reporter Ali Watkins’ relationship with James Wolfe

--New Yorkers will stage solidarity march for Julian Assange on June 28

--“valve turner” Michael Foster writes from prison with some good news

--one of America’s great DJ’s from the golden era of Top 40, Dan Ingram, dies at 83