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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Ignores Trump’s Obvious Racism

Right wing majority on Supreme Court upholds Trump’s Travel Ban 3.0, using specious arguments and rejecting obvious evidence of bias….–Justice Sotomayor channels William O. Douglas in fearless dissent

–Trump exults in his nativist victory

in op-ed, law professor Leah Litman makes some good points

–Trump continues relentless, deceptive attacks on Dems and Maxine Waters

–border officials confirm that “zero tolerance” is on hold, “catch and release” is back

–calls to “abolish ICE” lead Sen. Kamala Harris to to advocate “starting from scratch”

–Trump uses bullying and demagoguery trying to keep Harley Davidson from shifting production off shore in response to tariffs

–in another stinky ruling based on selective reading of intent, SCOTUS says California law requiring honest info about abortion is “likely” unconstitutional

–federal judge in San Francisco tosses climate change lawsuits targeting oil companies

–Reality Winner pleads guilty, will likely get 5 year prison term

–Trevor Timm pens The Intercept’s dissembling narrative about Reality Winner, refusing to acknowledge how they burned a confidential source

NY Times finally offers details of reporter Ali Watkins’ relationship with James Wolfe

–New Yorkers will stage solidarity march for Julian Assange on June 28

–“valve turner” Michael Foster writes from prison with some good news

–one of America’s great DJ’s from the golden era of Top 40, Dan Ingram, dies at 83