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PBC News & Comment: Kennedy’s Retirement Escalates America’s Rightward Tilt

Kennedy has been “moderate conservative” who blocked the most extreme inclinations of conservative majority; Trump’s replacement defines Court for decades….--on his way out the door, Kennedy joined the right to take another whack at labor unions, after enabling stinky decisions on Muslim travel ban, deception by abortion foes

--in grotesque pairing, Court’s official overturn of Korematsu ignores that Muslim travel been shares origin in demonizing an ethnic or religious group based on phony claims of “national security”

--advocates for “religious liberty” are silent as Muslims are denied liberty

--federal judge in San Diego issues nationwide injunction on Trump’s family separation practices

--95-year-old federal judge Robert Sweet slams ICE for detention of teenage immigrant on false claims of MS 13 connection

--unabashed lefties win primaries in New York and Maryland

--Bernie Sanders shows growing courage by speaking out for Palestinians, fixing a major flaw in his 2016 campaign

--J Street founder Jeremy Ben-Ami shows some courage in op-ed slamming US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman

--allies in Europe are worried about Trump’s plan to meet Putin, could upend NATO conference and visit to Britain

--in The Hague, Russia uses an array of tactics to delay meeting of chemical weapons watchdog, just like the US does at the UN to protect Israel

--at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern exposes failed negotiations between US and Julian Assange last year

--battle over repeal of California gas tax heats up, as outside money flows in hope of stoking larger GOP voter turnout