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PBC News & Comment: Democrats Strip “Super” from Superdelegates!

Recognizing inherent unfairness of 2016 nomination process, new DNC rule bans superdelegates from voting on first ballot at the convention….–Kudos to Norman Solomon and many Dem activists who fought the party establishment for almost 2 years; read Solomon’s post here

–in patronizing column, WashPost’s Amber Phillips warns Dems not to support abolition of ICE

–the Senate’s 3 African-Americans have written a bill to make lynching a federal offense, and 2 of them are considering White House runs

–Maxine Waters cancels speeches in Texas and Alabama after death threat

–breaking long pattern of bullying and threatening reporters, Trump issues insincere statement about shooting at newspaper in Annapolis

–in astute op-ed, NYU Prof. Thomas Sugrue notes that MLK and civil rights movement weren’t always civil

–dangerous attempt to limit BDS aimed at Israel gets worse—new version would authorize Trump to set rules and punishment

–Israeli humanists issue dire warning, demand “substantive external pressure” like BDS, only they say, not BDS

–in new in-depth interview, Yasha Levine comments on Googler’s protests of Pentagon contract, noting that Google has long history with DoD, NSA

NY Times squeezes the worry-beads over Trump’s planned meeting with Putin

–White House greased the skids for Justice Kennedy’s retirement, and we learn that Kennedy’s son was Trump’s banker at Deutsche Bank

–near Milwaukee, Trump praises Foxconn and hammers Harley Davidson, and Paul Krugman says administration is clueless on trade

–in Guatamala City, VP Pence scolds leaders of “Northern Triangle” that the “exodus must end” but ignores decades of US interference that provoke migration, as Vice report details

–in California, Gov. Brown caves to tech and soft-drink industries, to kill ballot measures

–in Washington, do-nothing Congress succeeds, takes summer break with no immigration bill, which is the GOP plan


–new Oxford study shows that “extreme hard-right” Americans share the most fake news in social media