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PBC News & Comment: Democrats Strip “Super” from Superdelegates!

Recognizing inherent unfairness of 2016 nomination process, new DNC rule bans superdelegates from voting on first ballot at the convention….--Kudos to Norman Solomon and many Dem activists who fought the party establishment for almost 2 years; read Solomon's post here

--in patronizing column, WashPost’s Amber Phillips warns Dems not to support abolition of ICE

--the Senate’s 3 African-Americans have written a bill to make lynching a federal offense, and 2 of them are considering White House runs

--Maxine Waters cancels speeches in Texas and Alabama after death threat

--breaking long pattern of bullying and threatening reporters, Trump issues insincere statement about shooting at newspaper in Annapolis

--in astute op-ed, NYU Prof. Thomas Sugrue notes that MLK and civil rights movement weren’t always civil

--dangerous attempt to limit BDS aimed at Israel gets worse—new version would authorize Trump to set rules and punishment

--Israeli humanists issue dire warning, demand “substantive external pressure” like BDS, only they say, not BDS

--in new in-depth interview, Yasha Levine comments on Googler’s protests of Pentagon contract, noting that Google has long history with DoD, NSA

-NY Times squeezes the worry-beads over Trump’s planned meeting with Putin

--White House greased the skids for Justice Kennedy’s retirement, and we learn that Kennedy’s son was Trump’s banker at Deutsche Bank

--near Milwaukee, Trump praises Foxconn and hammers Harley Davidson, and Paul Krugman says administration is clueless on trade

--in Guatamala City, VP Pence scolds leaders of “Northern Triangle” that the “exodus must end” but ignores decades of US interference that provoke migration, as Vice report details

--in California, Gov. Brown caves to tech and soft-drink industries, to kill ballot measures

--in Washington, do-nothing Congress succeeds, takes summer break with no immigration bill, which is the GOP plan


--new Oxford study shows that “extreme hard-right” Americans share the most fake news in social media