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PBC News & Comment: Fighting Today’s Fascism, Civility = Capitulation

Pelosi tries to squelch Maxine Waters’ call for nonviolent action against Trump’s enablers and apologists, as Trump, allies exploit it….–Credo mobile activist Heidi Hess won’t back down

–Dem leadership is in denial about need for new, younger leaders

–at the latest Trump-mob rally in Fargo, Donnie John hopes for violence from “radical Democrat protesters”, and pokes conservaDem Heidi Heitkamp

–with 10 Dem senators up for re-election in states Trump won, Trump is assured confirmation for almost any nominee; Dems cite McConnell rule and Mueller probe

–Trump’s shortlist includes slimy Alabama appeals court judge, Bill Pryor

–SCOTUS observer Ian Millhiser offers a critical look at Kennedy

–majority of leaders of ICE investigations want to split the agency, due to backlash from Trump and success of sanctuary policies

–former ICE spokesman in Bay Area who quit over lies from Trump and Sessions is being harassed by ICE investigators over Oakland Mayor’s warning before raid

–despite Supreme Court’s intentional blindness to Trump’s bigotry, new case about “protected status” revolves around Tump’s “shithole countries” remark

–facing deadline for strong internet privacy ballot initiative, California legislature unanimously bows to tech companies, passes much weaker bill

–secret meeting at Facebook HQ included most tech giants, seeking to “develop closer ties to law enforcement”

–on my Facebook feed, the Hillary-or-die crowd is blaming Bernie Bros for Justice Kennedy’s retirement

–after 2 years of leaks and innuendo, WashPost defends its Russiagate narrative, weakly

–but no mention of Julian Assange or Craig Murray, and the failed agreement of 2017 or the 10 Dem senators who call for Assange to be evicted from embassy

–House GOP passes resolution demanding Mueller documents in 8 days

–in biased report, Vice finds murky motives in defense mounted by “Putin’s cook” against Mueller indictment