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PBC News & Comment: Fighting Today’s Fascism, Civility = Capitulation

Pelosi tries to squelch Maxine Waters’ call for nonviolent action against Trump’s enablers and apologists, as Trump, allies exploit it….--Credo mobile activist Heidi Hess won’t back down

--Dem leadership is in denial about need for new, younger leaders

--at the latest Trump-mob rally in Fargo, Donnie John hopes for violence from “radical Democrat protesters”, and pokes conservaDem Heidi Heitkamp

--with 10 Dem senators up for re-election in states Trump won, Trump is assured confirmation for almost any nominee; Dems cite McConnell rule and Mueller probe

--Trump’s shortlist includes slimy Alabama appeals court judge, Bill Pryor

--SCOTUS observer Ian Millhiser offers a critical look at Kennedy

--majority of leaders of ICE investigations want to split the agency, due to backlash from Trump and success of sanctuary policies

--former ICE spokesman in Bay Area who quit over lies from Trump and Sessions is being harassed by ICE investigators over Oakland Mayor’s warning before raid

--despite Supreme Court’s intentional blindness to Trump’s bigotry, new case about “protected status” revolves around Tump’s “shithole countries” remark

--facing deadline for strong internet privacy ballot initiative, California legislature unanimously bows to tech companies, passes much weaker bill

--secret meeting at Facebook HQ included most tech giants, seeking to “develop closer ties to law enforcement”

--on my Facebook feed, the Hillary-or-die crowd is blaming Bernie Bros for Justice Kennedy’s retirement

--after 2 years of leaks and innuendo, WashPost defends its Russiagate narrative, weakly

--but no mention of Julian Assange or Craig Murray, and the failed agreement of 2017 or the 10 Dem senators who call for Assange to be evicted from embassy

--House GOP passes resolution demanding Mueller documents in 8 days

--in biased report, Vice finds murky motives in defense mounted by “Putin’s cook” against Mueller indictment