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PBC News & Comment: After 12-Year Delay, AMLO Becomes President of Mexico

Lopez Obrador was election fraud victim 12 years ago, wins decisive victory that ensures Mexico won’t pay for Trump’s wall…–Greg Palast has the best coverage, here

NY Times, whose biggest shareholders is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, uses “leftist” tag repeatedly, stokes fears of Hugo Chavez

–new Inspector General report shows widespread abuse of immigrants at ICE jails

–Trump dares Dems to keep talking about abolishing ICE

–Bernie Sanders dodges question about abolishing ICE, and Sarah Jones offers fair criticism at New Republic

–at Rolling Stone, Bob Moser has another good critique of current Dem leaders

–SCOTUS decision in Janus will hurt unions and many groups they’ve been funding, but don’t the same principles apply to shareholders?

–at The Intercept, David Dayen gives excellent recap of soda industry’s successful blackmail of California legislature and Gov. Moonbeam

–in California prisons, “protective custody” program is big failure, especially in protecting sex offenders

–in Denmark, harsh new laws intended to force assimilation of Muslim refugees are extremely inhumane

–Max Blumenthal confronts American hosts of Ukrainian neo-Nazi at Senate meeting last week

–from Peter Phillips at Project Censored, a view of Nicaragua that contrasts with Max Blumenthal’s recent reports

–FBI celebrates Independence Day with another bogus bust of a “domestic terrorist” by paid undercover agents, this time in Cleveland

–federal courts refused to protect Awlaki from Obama’s assassination by drone, but a judge is trying to prevent Trump from droning American after 5 failed attempts; read the report from Conor Friedersdorf here

–Iran calls false flag as French arrest Iranian diplomat they say was staging an attack on MEK meeting where Rudy 9/11 Giuliani spoke about regime change

–Trump revels in global trade wars he started, as rumors of FART bill stink up the joint

–Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), no relation, takes another strong stand against Trump on Supreme Court pick, but it probably won’t matter in the end