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PBC News & Comment: After 12-Year Delay, AMLO Becomes President of Mexico

Lopez Obrador was election fraud victim 12 years ago, wins decisive victory that ensures Mexico won’t pay for Trump’s wall…--Greg Palast has the best coverage, here

--NY Times, whose biggest shareholders is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, uses “leftist” tag repeatedly, stokes fears of Hugo Chavez

--new Inspector General report shows widespread abuse of immigrants at ICE jails

--Trump dares Dems to keep talking about abolishing ICE

--Bernie Sanders dodges question about abolishing ICE, and Sarah Jones offers fair criticism at New Republic

--at Rolling Stone, Bob Moser has another good critique of current Dem leaders

--SCOTUS decision in Janus will hurt unions and many groups they’ve been funding, but don't the same principles apply to shareholders?

--at The Intercept, David Dayen gives excellent recap of soda industry’s successful blackmail of California legislature and Gov. Moonbeam

--in California prisons, “protective custody” program is big failure, especially in protecting sex offenders

--in Denmark, harsh new laws intended to force assimilation of Muslim refugees are extremely inhumane

--Max Blumenthal confronts American hosts of Ukrainian neo-Nazi at Senate meeting last week

--from Peter Phillips at Project Censored, a view of Nicaragua that contrasts with Max Blumenthal’s recent reports

--FBI celebrates Independence Day with another bogus bust of a “domestic terrorist” by paid undercover agents, this time in Cleveland

--federal courts refused to protect Awlaki from Obama’s assassination by drone, but a judge is trying to prevent Trump from droning American after 5 failed attempts; read the report from Conor Friedersdorf here

--Iran calls false flag as French arrest Iranian diplomat they say was staging an attack on MEK meeting where Rudy 9/11 Giuliani spoke about regime change

--Trump revels in global trade wars he started, as rumors of FART bill stink up the joint

--Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), no relation, takes another strong stand against Trump on Supreme Court pick, but it probably won’t matter in the end