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PBC News & Comment: Big Fail by MSM on Russiagate, Novichok 2.0

Corporate media fail to separate fact from assertions, distorting new Senate Intel report and blaming Russia for Novichok-blamed fatality….–Senate Intel updates its investigation and supports January 2017 “assessment” with no new evidence, or old evidence; read it here

–at ConsortiumNews, former US Ambassador to Russia Jack Matlock slams the report from 2017

–one notable exception is Philip Bump’s admission of weak evidence for the Russiagate narrative in the WashPost

–exposing another set of smears and lies from MSNBC “expert” Malcolm Nance, Glenn Greenwald fights back

–as Rep. Jim Jordan denies allegations he knew about sex scandal at Ohio State, allies blame Deep State actors

–blogger Marcy Wheeler reveals she turned in a source to Mueller investigators, but the story is murky

–British woman dies after alleged exposure to Novichok, producing new wave of yellow journalism, with theories and innuendo treated as fact

–former UK ambassador Craig Murray and journalist/MP George Galloway raise a host of important questions

–preliminary report from chemical weapons investigators found no trace of nerve agents in Douma, Syria

–British PM Theresa May suffers wave of resignations over Brexit as Trump comes calling with agenda of disruption for NATO, EU

–the readouts from US, North Korea after meeting with Pompeo were very different

–just before he resigned as EPA boss, Scott Pruitt killed regulations for the most polluting diesel engines

–Trump batters Obamacare again, suspending payments that will destabilize insurance markets

–GOP governor in Kentucky threatens to gut Medicaid benefits after judge blocks work requirement

–world watches as Thailand rescues soccer team from cave

–Ed Schultz, a big player in progressive media for past 15 years, dies at 64