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PBC News & Comment: California Protests End ICE Contract with County Jail

Columnist Otis R. Taylor, Jr. exposed inhumane conditions for immigrants at Contra Costa jail, protests led to ICE contract cancellation….--listen to our interview with Taylor here

--federal judge upholds key elements of California sanctuary laws

--as immigrant kids are returned to parents, some didn’t recognize mami or papi

--legal immigrants who joined the military with promise of citizenship are being booted from service, promise broken

--in Brussells, Trump demands that NATO members spend more on military, and says “Germany is a captive of Russia”

--pummelled by Trump after G7 meeting, Canada’s Trudeau defies call for increased spending, and deploys Canadian troops to Iraq

--journalist Gareth Porter exposes the internal fight between Bolton and Pompeo, and suspects Bolton leaked intel reports about North Korea

--Pompeo blames Iran for terror plot aimed at MEK meeting in France where Rudy Giuliani was a paid speaker

--listener Ian Berman got tired of revisionist blame from Clinton supporters over the election of 2016, and wrote about it here

--and listener John Zweibel is irked about it, too

--in face of voter suppression schemes like photo ID, activists are helping people get the ID’s needed to vote

--San Francisco installs another anti-progressive mayor, as London Breed becomes first black female to serve

--in federal and state courtrooms in San Francisco, Monsanto’s Roundup is on trial

--Senate Republicans who fear Trump’s war of tariffs pass toothless resolution opposing “national security” claim to import/export duties

--federal prosecutors dismissed rioting charges against all accused for Inauguration Day protests

--Bronx voters give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez another primary win

--Nevada execution tonight may be halted, as state got deadly drugs on black market

--Sacha Baron Cohen tricks Sarah Palin in interview for his new show, and she’s pissed