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PBC News & Comment: California Protests End ICE Contract with County Jail

Columnist Otis R. Taylor, Jr. exposed inhumane conditions for immigrants at Contra Costa jail, protests led to ICE contract cancellation….–listen to our interview with Taylor here

–federal judge upholds key elements of California sanctuary laws

–as immigrant kids are returned to parents, some didn’t recognize mami or papi

–legal immigrants who joined the military with promise of citizenship are being booted from service, promise broken

–in Brussells, Trump demands that NATO members spend more on military, and says “Germany is a captive of Russia”

–pummelled by Trump after G7 meeting, Canada’s Trudeau defies call for increased spending, and deploys Canadian troops to Iraq

–journalist Gareth Porter exposes the internal fight between Bolton and Pompeo, and suspects Bolton leaked intel reports about North Korea

–Pompeo blames Iran for terror plot aimed at MEK meeting in France where Rudy Giuliani was a paid speaker

–listener Ian Berman got tired of revisionist blame from Clinton supporters over the election of 2016, and wrote about it here

–and listener John Zweibel is irked about it, too

–in face of voter suppression schemes like photo ID, activists are helping people get the ID’s needed to vote

–San Francisco installs another anti-progressive mayor, as London Breed becomes first black female to serve

–in federal and state courtrooms in San Francisco, Monsanto’s Roundup is on trial

–Senate Republicans who fear Trump’s war of tariffs pass toothless resolution opposing “national security” claim to import/export duties

–federal prosecutors dismissed rioting charges against all accused for Inauguration Day protests

–Bronx voters give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez another primary win

–Nevada execution tonight may be halted, as state got deadly drugs on black market

–Sacha Baron Cohen tricks Sarah Palin in interview for his new show, and she’s pissed