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PBC News & Comment: Standing Rock Leader Now in Prison Pipeline

Red Fawn Fallis convicted for possession of gun provided by her FBI informant/lover, and skirmish that may have been staged….–in new, in-depth interview, Thomas Frank settles our bet over 2016 election, and offers lively comments on a range of subjects

–drama on Capitol Hill, as House Judiciary tries to force FBI exec Peter Strozk to talk about Mueller investigation

–FAIR’s Adam Johnson calls out media malpractice in FBI covert ops against “domestic terrorism” suspects

–Trump arrives in London, welcomed by protesters

–Trump’s demands of NATO ignore important questions, as Jonathan Marshall observes at ConsortiumNews

WashPost’s Philip Bump tries to explain why GDP is measure of support for NATO members

–Gareth Porter continues to expose recent media lies about North Korea

–TrumpCo plays games with numbers to pretend it has complied with court orders on reunions of immigrant kids and parents

–SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh has compulsive spending problem, on baseball tickets

–Kavanaugh is one of 4 judges on DC Circuit who have sealed the gates at Gitmo, reports Guantanamo expert Andy Worthington

–Trump lawyer tells judge that “forever prisoners” at Gitmo could be held for 100 years

–California has reduced greenhouse gas levels almost 2 years ahead of schedule


–Sean Spicer tells a few inside stories in new book, but is still loyal to Trump