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PBC News & Comment: Standing Rock Leader Now in Prison Pipeline

Red Fawn Fallis convicted for possession of gun provided by her FBI informant/lover, and skirmish that may have been staged….--in new, in-depth interview, Thomas Frank settles our bet over 2016 election, and offers lively comments on a range of subjects

--drama on Capitol Hill, as House Judiciary tries to force FBI exec Peter Strozk to talk about Mueller investigation

--FAIR’s Adam Johnson calls out media malpractice in FBI covert ops against “domestic terrorism” suspects

--Trump arrives in London, welcomed by protesters

--Trump’s demands of NATO ignore important questions, as Jonathan Marshall observes at ConsortiumNews

--WashPost’s Philip Bump tries to explain why GDP is measure of support for NATO members

--Gareth Porter continues to expose recent media lies about North Korea

--TrumpCo plays games with numbers to pretend it has complied with court orders on reunions of immigrant kids and parents

--SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh has compulsive spending problem, on baseball tickets

--Kavanaugh is one of 4 judges on DC Circuit who have sealed the gates at Gitmo, reports Guantanamo expert Andy Worthington

--Trump lawyer tells judge that “forever prisoners” at Gitmo could be held for 100 years

--California has reduced greenhouse gas levels almost 2 years ahead of schedule


--Sean Spicer tells a few inside stories in new book, but is still loyal to Trump