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PBC News & Comment: Trump Enables Continued Pounding by Dems, Media

Trump faces more haranguing from media and Democrats, as White House admits it’s considering Putin request to interview Mike McFaul….–Spencer Ackerman broke the story yesterday at The Daily Beast

–Huckabee Sanders is nonchalant about serving up former US diplomat, as Senate votes on resolution of opposition

–Dems also have demanded to quiz the interpreter of Trump-Putin meeting, squelched by GOP

NY Times adds more pressure with details of Trump’s first big briefing, where Obama’s spy chiefs told him Russia interfered in election

–in really bad communications strategy, Trump gives more interviews so he can keep contradicting himself

–need antidotes for Russophobia? Read CJ Hopkins at Counterpunch  and Bill Van Auken at WSWS

–Eric Lichtblau, fired from CNN in 2017, joins old pal Jim Risen at The Intercept, and explains that Russia probe delayed Weiner probe, costing Hillary the election

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–listener Dick Atlee reports that Maine wants $3 million from feds to protect elections from hacking, as WhoWhatWhy notes that some voting machines have built-in remote access software;

the solution: hand counted paper ballots!

–with a little sex added, the Maria Butina trial will be a media frenzy

–in second of 2-part series, Jeff Deskovic talks about his wrongful conviction, polygraph games, prosecutor misconduct and his exoneration after 16 years

–Israel is blasted by Arabs and Europeans for passing apartheid law after minor changes

–Turkey’s dictator Erdogan slams Israel as he flexes his new domestic power

–human rights monitor Fortify Rights reports that Myanmar’s military carefully planned the Rohynga genocide and expulsion

–Spanish court slams German court as it dismisses international warrant for Barcelona’s bad boy, Puigdemont

–officials deny reports that investigators have ID’d Russians accused of Novichok poisonings in England

–in trap for lefty Dems, House GOP ran resolution of support for ICE, and 18 pro-abolition Democrats voted against it