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PBC News & Comment: Michael Cohen Taped Trump Scheming to Silence Mistress

When FBI searched Cohen’s office, they grabbed recordings, including call with Trump about hushing Playmate mistress; Lordy, there are tapes!….–Bill Shine, now Trump communications director, arranged settlements for victims of harassment as Fox News exec, was subpoaned by grand jury last year

–after a week of back and forth over the Trump/Putin meeting, Donnie doubles down, invites Vlad to the White House

–in Helsinki, Putin misspoke, too, says he meant “$400,000” not $400 million when he claimed Bill Browder donated to Clinton campaign

–on Capitol Hill, Dems aggressively push bills to separate GOP from Trump, and win 98-0 vote opposing Russian interrogation of former ambassador Mike McFaul

–one GOP House member separates from Trump, as former spy Will Hurd slams 45 in op-ed

–former CIA officer Phil Giraldi is critical of Mueller’s Friday the 13th indictments, calls it “ludicrous” political document

–the Russian company that’s fighting Mueller’s indictment is using opinions from SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh to argue against charges

–Secretary of State Pompeo will use Reagan Library speech this weekend to agitate against Iran

–under instructions from Washington, embassy in South Africa ignored Obama during this week’s visit

–more official cruelty to immigrants, as crime victims promised path to citizenship are being deported

–Trump withdraws judge nomination of Oregon’s Ryan Bounds after bending many rules

–FCC bent the rules for Sinclair, but the merger with Tribune may fall apart

WashPost analysis gives Dems hope of regaining Senate control

–tipped by listener Jason Spitzer, LA Times reports new San Francisco group Signals Network will support whistleblowers

–Catholic sex scandals deepen, as Australia prime minister calls for Pope to fire convicted cardinal, and US cardinal McCarrick faces more charges

–anger grows in Spartanburg, SC as Trump threatens big tariffs on BMW and the trade war forces Europe into deeper ties to China

–appeals court blocks Trump ban on transgender soldiers, and California Supreme Court kills state-splitting ballot measure