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PBC News & Comment: Trump Tells Big Lies About FISA Application

Spinning and tweeting wildly, Trump tries to claim that FISA court papers for Carter Page warrant vindicate him, lying bigly….–Trump also hammers Iran on Twitter as Pompeo channeled Colin Powell in Reagan Library speech to Iranian Americans

–WashPost reporter Jason Rezaian, who spent 18 months imprisoned in Iran, covered the event, and comments

WashPost publisher introduced Pompeo for the Iran-bashing, followed by some Post-bashing on Twitter by Trump

–Sen. Rand Paul says he’s asking Trump to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance

–in NY Times, Charlie Savage offers good history on the released FISA documents

–at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern helps explain one of the text messages from Peter Strozk to Lisa Page, “no there there”

–Trump Wrecking Crew’s next target: Endangered Species Act

–activists in many states are working to curb gerrymandering

–at The Intercept, Lee Fang names Obama appointees who took the revolving door to profit from the war machine

–dozens of international Jewish groups back BDS, and refute false charges of anti-Semitism

–establishment Dems use Sunday NY Times to telegraph their fear of the progressive and socialist wings

–those robocalls in pigeon-English that threaten your arrest for IRS violations should stop after 8-state raid

–Navy sailors want to be allowed to grow beards, #WeWantBeards