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In-Depth Interview: Singer-Songwriter Don Arbor Offers Musical Antidote to Subhuman Treatment of Immigrants

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Don Arbor is a talented singer/songwriter who’s released an antidote to Trump’s ugly treatment of immigrants: “Everyone Comes from Somewhere”.In this podcast, we bring you an interview and live performance from Don Arbor, a Bay Area singer and songwriter who offers a message of welcome and compassion for immigrants.

Arbor has a new CD that features “Everyone Comes from Somewhere” and 8 other songs.  Find out more about Arbor here.

You can buy downloads or CD’s here.

In our conversation, we talk about Trump’s escalating use of hostages–the Dreamers, then immigrants crossing with children–to try to pressure Congress to fund construction of his border wall.  Arbor tells of his grandparents, who emigrated from Russia, and his own view that immigrants make America, you know, great.

After he performs “Everyone Comes from Somewhere”, we talk about Arbor’s day job as a lawyer, suing pharmaceutical companies.