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PBC News & Comment: Trump Threatens California, Bails Out Red States

Trump bails out red farm states hurt by trade war, threatens to kill California standards for auto emissions; fight looms….–in admission of the cost of Trump’s trade wars, USDA will bail out farmers with $12 billion from Commodity Credit Corp.

–since 1970, California, followed by 13 states, has set a higher standard for tailpipe emissions, but Trump wants more pollution

–in bizarre mix of projection and turning-the-tables, Trump warns that Russia will meddle in midterm elections to help Dems

–White House sources say Trump tweeted war threats at Iran to change the subject from Russia

–Caitlin Johnstone captures the wave of anti-Russian hysteria that swept the US last week

–Manafort trial delayed one week after judge unmasks immunized witnesses

–FBI agent who lied about firing his gun in Oregon skirmish that killed LaVoy Finicum is on trial, but case looks weak

–like Nixon’s enemies list, Trump talks about stripping security clearances from Obama’s top spooks

–like Nixon’s Oval Office recordings, we now know there are 12 Cohen tapes

–Jay Sekulow, Trump lawyer now overshadowed by Giuliani, uses lies about Planned Parenthood and abortion to raise $$ for nonprofit that pays him millions

–in Michigan, teachers’ union uses lawsuit to force “Project Veritas” to stop releasing selectively-edited undercover videos

–reports indicate that Julian Assange could be booted from Ecuador embassy any day, in new interview at WhoWhatWhy, State Dept. veteran Peter van Buren tells why we should support the rights of WikiLeaks

–family reunifications at border complicated by deportation of 450 parents whose kids are on this side of the border

–illegal crossings at Vermont-Canadian border have doubled this year

–in new, in-depth interview, singer-songwriter Don Arbor talks about immigrants, performs “Everybody Comes From Somewhere”

–North Korea has begun dismantling missile site, satellite photos show

–last week’s passage of apartheid law in Israel capped a week of bad legislation

–opinion writers Michelle Goldberg and Helaine Olen offer comfort to centrist Dems who worry about the progressive activists

–Ohio conservaDem Tim Ryan says he’ll run for president, and tap the “yoga vote