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In-Depth Interview: Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney Says Latest Mueller Indictments “Based on Fabrications”

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In our latest conversation with former NSA tech whiz Bill Binney, he reacts in some detail to Mueller’s indictments of 12 Russian GRU officers.Binney spent his career at the National Security Agency, rising to worldwide technical director before he resigned in protest in the fall of 2001.  Today, he comments on the indictments of 12 Russian spies by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, announced on July 13.

Binney says the 29-page brief is based on fabrications, starting with the figures known as DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0  Since he knows the capabilities of NSA network monitoring, he quibbles with the repeated use of the phrase “on or about (date)” in the document, since precise dates and times are available. We review Binney’s theorems: the DNC was breached by insiders, not remote hackers, due to the download speed; and that NSA could provide evidence from network monitoring, but hasn’t.

We talk about a new report from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, listing China, Iran and Russia as the most aggressive cyber attackers; Binney says China is the biggest player, and this report in Politico is referenced to support that.

We get Binney’s reaction to a number of specific passages quoted from the indictments, along with quotes from this critical analysis by Disobedient Media.

We also discuss the FISA court, and the selective criticism and praise it receives from elected leaders, despite ongoing evidence that agencies lie to the secret court when they apply for warrants.  Binney has sharp, and accurate criticism of Mueller’s work as FBI Director, which undermines his credibility in the Trump investigation.