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PBC News & Comment: Time To Ban Interference in Elections, By the US

California Democrat Ro Khanna is lone advocate for ban on US interference in elections in other countries, finds little support….LA Times op-ed asks, was 2016 election legit?

Mint Press News chides Bernie Sanders for embracing Russiagate while remaining silent about the known efforts to rig 2016 Democratic primaries

–upending agreement he made with GOP leaders a few days ago, Trump goes postal on Twitter, threatens government shutdown over The Wall

–American oligarchs meet in Colorado, Koch Network backs off from Trump GOP

–Trump breaches “off the record” agreement with NY Times publisher, who trades barbs with our Dear Tweeter

–Trump’s “secret plan” for Afghanistan is revealed: US and Afghan forces retreat to garrisons and hope for movement by Taliban

–our pal Thomas Frank, who is taking a break from columnizing, slams Trump as “worst politician ever” who might bet re-elected

–is there collusion between Trump and Rudy Giuliani to sow confusion and discord while sliming Michael Cohen?

–Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi and her mother, Nariman, were rleased from Israeli prison; Jonathan Ofir and Ray McGovern add details

–Israel intercepted the latest Gaza Freedom boat yesterday

The Guardian offers excellent report on Black Panther political prisoners, approaching 50 years in prison; and a good sidebar on Mumia Abu-Jamal

–Senate Dems settle on strategy for Kavanaugh hearings: gum it to death, run out the clock past midterm elections

–as Manafort trial #1 begins, NY Times explains how American living in Italy, Alan Friedman, tipped Mueller to Manafort’s “secret messages”

–federal air marshalls monitor passengers who aren’t suspects in “Quiet Skies” program

–A T & T runs exclusive broadband network for law enforcement

–Emily Yoffe declares zero tolerance for zero tolerance, and she’s right