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PBC News & Comment: Time To Ban Interference in Elections, By the US

California Democrat Ro Khanna is lone advocate for ban on US interference in elections in other countries, finds little support….--LA Times op-ed asks, was 2016 election legit?

--Mint Press News chides Bernie Sanders for embracing Russiagate while remaining silent about the known efforts to rig 2016 Democratic primaries

--upending agreement he made with GOP leaders a few days ago, Trump goes postal on Twitter, threatens government shutdown over The Wall

--American oligarchs meet in Colorado, Koch Network backs off from Trump GOP

--Trump breaches “off the record” agreement with NY Times publisher, who trades barbs with our Dear Tweeter

--Trump’s “secret plan” for Afghanistan is revealed: US and Afghan forces retreat to garrisons and hope for movement by Taliban

--our pal Thomas Frank, who is taking a break from columnizing, slams Trump as “worst politician ever” who might bet re-elected

--is there collusion between Trump and Rudy Giuliani to sow confusion and discord while sliming Michael Cohen?

--Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi and her mother, Nariman, were rleased from Israeli prison; Jonathan Ofir and Ray McGovern add details

--Israel intercepted the latest Gaza Freedom boat yesterday

--The Guardian offers excellent report on Black Panther political prisoners, approaching 50 years in prison; and a good sidebar on Mumia Abu-Jamal

--Senate Dems settle on strategy for Kavanaugh hearings: gum it to death, run out the clock past midterm elections

--as Manafort trial #1 begins, NY Times explains how American living in Italy, Alan Friedman, tipped Mueller to Manafort’s “secret messages”

--federal air marshalls monitor passengers who aren’t suspects in “Quiet Skies” program

--A T & T runs exclusive broadband network for law enforcement

--Emily Yoffe declares zero tolerance for zero tolerance, and she’s right