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PBC News & Comment: Is Don McGahn the New John Dean?

Based on anonymous leaks, NY Times exposes Trump’s White House counsel’s cooperation with Mueller investigation, multiplying pressure on Trump….--and Giuliani makes it all worse with “truth is not truth” comment

--Trump and John Brennan keep fighting in public, with threat of lawsuit prompting taunt from the Dear Tweeter

--detailed article in ComputerWeekly exposes British hacker Tim Leonard, and conflicts with Bill Binney’s claims of “insider hack” of DNC

--before, during and after Melania’s talk about cyber bullying, Trump was bullying his foes on Twitter

--Facebook took down Telesur, and can’t get its story straight

--Google execs face more internal unrest, as Googlers feel misled about plans to return to China with censored search service

--Salesforce faces boycott for doing business with ICE

--in San Bernardino, ICE arrests man who was taking his pregnant wife to hospital

--no injuries as shots are fired at US embassy in Turkey

--Keith Ellison tries to fend off charges of abuse by ex-girlfriend as GOP morality police pounce

--NY Times releases emails that tie Gov. Cuomo to corruption in “Buffalo Billion” scam

--Pennsylvania grand jury report on sex crimes by priests draws apology from Pope Francis, but no plan for accountability

--Aretha Franklin dies at age 76, Detroit will honor her with 4-day memorial

here’s a link to my favorite, Chain of Fools

--hysterical, misleading emails from Dem groups flood my inbox daily