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PBC News & Comment: Is Don McGahn the New John Dean?

Based on anonymous leaks, NY Times exposes Trump’s White House counsel’s cooperation with Mueller investigation, multiplying pressure on Trump….–and Giuliani makes it all worse with “truth is not truth” comment

–Trump and John Brennan keep fighting in public, with threat of lawsuit prompting taunt from the Dear Tweeter

detailed article in ComputerWeekly exposes British hacker Tim Leonard, and conflicts with Bill Binney’s claims of “insider hack” of DNC

–before, during and after Melania’s talk about cyber bullying, Trump was bullying his foes on Twitter

–Facebook took down Telesur, and can’t get its story straight

–Google execs face more internal unrest, as Googlers feel misled about plans to return to China with censored search service

–Salesforce faces boycott for doing business with ICE

–in San Bernardino, ICE arrests man who was taking his pregnant wife to hospital

–no injuries as shots are fired at US embassy in Turkey

–Keith Ellison tries to fend off charges of abuse by ex-girlfriend as GOP morality police pounce

NY Times releases emails that tie Gov. Cuomo to corruption in “Buffalo Billion” scam

–Pennsylvania grand jury report on sex crimes by priests draws apology from Pope Francis, but no plan for accountability

–Aretha Franklin dies at age 76, Detroit will honor her with 4-day memorial

here’s a link to my favorite, Chain of Fools

–hysterical, misleading emails from Dem groups flood my inbox daily