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PBC News & Comment: Trump Should Resign Immediately

Michael Cohen’s stunning guilty plea fingers Trump for directing hush money coverup; politicians duck impeachment; PBC says he should resign….–Cohen’s plea deal and Manafort’s conviction don’t have anything to do with Russiagate so far, but expose Trump as criminal, liar

–Dems and Repubs dance around impeachment

–new book and petition promote impeachment

Guardian op-ed offers lame arguments against impeachment

–Trump rallies the mob in West Virginia, with false promises of coal revival and more immigrant-bashing

–data show that ICE has almost completely blocked asylum claims in recent months

–nationwide prison protest is underway, reports Shadowproof

–GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter may be going to prison for corruption

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren unveils anti-corruption legislation, and Sam Husseini points out the limits of her outrage

–Facebook reports new efforts to mislead Americans, suspends 652 accounts

–during out-of-control California wildfire, Verizon throttled back internet service to firefighters’ command center over $50 in data charges