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PBC News & Comment: Trump Should Resign Immediately

Michael Cohen’s stunning guilty plea fingers Trump for directing hush money coverup; politicians duck impeachment; PBC says he should resign….--Cohen’s plea deal and Manafort’s conviction don’t have anything to do with Russiagate so far, but expose Trump as criminal, liar

--Dems and Repubs dance around impeachment

--new book and petition promote impeachment

--Guardian op-ed offers lame arguments against impeachment

--Trump rallies the mob in West Virginia, with false promises of coal revival and more immigrant-bashing

--data show that ICE has almost completely blocked asylum claims in recent months

--nationwide prison protest is underway, reports Shadowproof

--GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter may be going to prison for corruption

--Sen. Elizabeth Warren unveils anti-corruption legislation, and Sam Husseini points out the limits of her outrage

--Facebook reports new efforts to mislead Americans, suspends 652 accounts

--during out-of-control California wildfire, Verizon throttled back internet service to firefighters’ command center over $50 in data charges