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PBC News & Comment: Funerals for Aretha, McCain Mark Summer’s End

In Detroit, Aretha Franklin gets the accolades she deserves, while Washington’s farewell to McCain excludes Trump and Palin, distorts history….--as usual McCain’s obit omits many dark chapters

--Max Blumenthal reveals the truth about the “maverick” in this report at ConsortiumNews, and this expose on National Endowment for Democracy

--US blasted China yesterday for ethnic cleansing of Uighurs, another NED project

--Russia warns in advance about possible fake chemical attack in Syria, mocked by Buzzfeed in biased coverage

--UAE buys spyware from its “enemy” Israel, also used against journalists in Mexico

--some Israeli officials warn that Trump’s moves against Palestinians may backfire

--in rambling rants to Trump mob in Indiana, 45 panders to every rightwing topic, including moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and coach Bobby Knight

--Trump got cheers for a mention of standing for anthem, as Kapernick collusion arbitration goes forward

--he waxed about his great trade deals, as NAFTA re-write teeters on Canada’s resistance

--he didn’t mention that 500 children are still separated, and that Mexico won’t pay for his wall

--Mueller puts another notch in his belt, as Manafort crony Sam Patten pleads guilty

--The Hill’s John Solomon contrasts Mueller’s claims about Papadopoulos with exculpatory comments by mysterious Prof. Mifsud in FBI interview

--from the Hannity wing of right-wing media, Sara Carter offers credible report on Pentagon employee who was punished for stumbling on Stefan Halper files

--after upset win in Florida Dem primary, radio host Norman Goldman hints that Putin rigged it in favor on Andrew Gillum

--Ronan Farrow’s former producer says NBC ordered them to stop investigating Harvey Weinstein

--in Arizona, GOP-packed supreme court blocks initiative that would’ve taxed the rich to increase teacher pay

--North Carolina, GOP laboratory for voter suppression schemes, is ordered to draw new district lines before November

--with watered-down bill, California ends money bail system