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PBC News & Comment: Funerals for Aretha, McCain Mark Summer’s End

In Detroit, Aretha Franklin gets the accolades she deserves, while Washington’s farewell to McCain excludes Trump and Palin, distorts history….–as usual McCain’s obit omits many dark chapters

–Max Blumenthal reveals the truth about the “maverick” in this report at ConsortiumNews, and this expose on National Endowment for Democracy

–US blasted China yesterday for ethnic cleansing of Uighurs, another NED project

–Russia warns in advance about possible fake chemical attack in Syria, mocked by Buzzfeed in biased coverage

–UAE buys spyware from its “enemy” Israel, also used against journalists in Mexico

–some Israeli officials warn that Trump’s moves against Palestinians may backfire

–in rambling rants to Trump mob in Indiana, 45 panders to every rightwing topic, including moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and coach Bobby Knight

–Trump got cheers for a mention of standing for anthem, as Kapernick collusion arbitration goes forward

–he waxed about his great trade deals, as NAFTA re-write teeters on Canada’s resistance

–he didn’t mention that 500 children are still separated, and that Mexico won’t pay for his wall

–Mueller puts another notch in his belt, as Manafort crony Sam Patten pleads guilty

The Hill’s John Solomon contrasts Mueller’s claims about Papadopoulos with exculpatory comments by mysterious Prof. Mifsud in FBI interview

–from the Hannity wing of right-wing media, Sara Carter offers credible report on Pentagon employee who was punished for stumbling on Stefan Halper files

–after upset win in Florida Dem primary, radio host Norman Goldman hints that Putin rigged it in favor on Andrew Gillum

–Ronan Farrow’s former producer says NBC ordered them to stop investigating Harvey Weinstein

–in Arizona, GOP-packed supreme court blocks initiative that would’ve taxed the rich to increase teacher pay

–North Carolina, GOP laboratory for voter suppression schemes, is ordered to draw new district lines before November

–with watered-down bill, California ends money bail system