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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Confirmation Theater

Dems pounce in dramatic opening to Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, knowing that their conservative, cowardly Democratic colleagues will deliver the confirmation….--Democrats’ only hope is to keep all Dems aligned in opposition, and pray for a GOP defector

--polls show that only 38% of Americans support Kavanaugh’s confirmation

--former Sen. Jon Kyl, who is helping steer Kavanaugh’s confirmation, is named as interim replacement for McCain

--NY Times editorial aptly calls the process a “charade”, quoting Justice Kagan

--Trump slams Sessions, again, this time for indicting corrupt GOP House members

--Texas judge who was expected to kill DACA issues surprise ruling, saying “the egg can’t be unscrambled”

--prepare for another avalanche of White House dirt, as Bob Woodward’s new book Fear is being leaked in advance of publication

--in lengthy, methodical, detailed breakdown, Yaacov Apelbaum exposes the Steele “Dossier Network” connecting Fusion GPS and spy agencies to Russiagate; read it here

--Nike ignores Trump, and Trumpers respond by destroying their logo wear in protest of ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick

--bipartisan bill to protect midterm elections is going nowhere

--Prof. Joseph Levine of UMass Amherst pens brilliant op-ed in support of BDS