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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Confirmation Theater

Dems pounce in dramatic opening to Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, knowing that their conservative, cowardly Democratic colleagues will deliver the confirmation….–Democrats’ only hope is to keep all Dems aligned in opposition, and pray for a GOP defector

–polls show that only 38% of Americans support Kavanaugh’s confirmation

–former Sen. Jon Kyl, who is helping steer Kavanaugh’s confirmation, is named as interim replacement for McCain

NY Times editorial aptly calls the process a “charade”, quoting Justice Kagan

–Trump slams Sessions, again, this time for indicting corrupt GOP House members

–Texas judge who was expected to kill DACA issues surprise ruling, saying “the egg can’t be unscrambled”

–prepare for another avalanche of White House dirt, as Bob Woodward’s new book Fear is being leaked in advance of publication

–in lengthy, methodical, detailed breakdown, Yaacov Apelbaum exposes the Steele “Dossier Network” connecting Fusion GPS and spy agencies to Russiagate; read it here

–Nike ignores Trump, and Trumpers respond by destroying their logo wear in protest of ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick

–bipartisan bill to protect midterm elections is going nowhere

–Prof. Joseph Levine of UMass Amherst pens brilliant op-ed in support of BDS