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PBC News & Comment: Anonymous Op-Ed Exposes Bloodless Coup In Progress

Remarkable NYT op-ed presents voice of White House insider and movement conservative describing insider coup by “adults in the room”….-both parties immobilized by partisanship: GOP declines to use 25th Amendment, Dems refuse to lead on impeachment, we’re screwed

--White House in turmoil, again, as “sleeper cells have awoken”, and Trump sinks deeper into isolation and paranoia

--Trump’s appointees line up to say “it wasn’t me”, will 45 set up firing squad?

--Republican neocon Max Boot has sympathy for Deep State Throat

--at The Intercept, Mehdi Hassan tells unnamed voice “Screw you”

--The Intercept’s James Risen bails on this interview with Aaron Maté for being skeptical of Russiagate

--sparks fly over “confidential” documents as Dems continue to fight Kavanaugh nomination

--the documents show Kavanaugh spins and dissembles on many questions

--Mueller backs off demand for Trump interview, says he will take written responses

--AP report hypes fears of Russian election hacking, quotes Robby Mook without mentioning he was Hillary’s campaign manager

--evaluating UK PM Theresa May’s report on Russian agents blamed for Skripal incident, Craig Murray says the mystery deepens

--as Trump tweets praise for Little Rocket Man, his rogue Justice Dept. charges N. Korean spy with Sony hack in 2014

--Justice Dept. announces probe of social media rules and shadow banning

--TrumpCo declares war on Flores Settlement, provoking showdown with federal judge over detention of migrant children and families