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PBC News & Comment: Anonymous Op-Ed Exposes Bloodless Coup In Progress

Remarkable NYT op-ed presents voice of White House insider and movement conservative describing insider coup by “adults in the room”….-both parties immobilized by partisanship: GOP declines to use 25th Amendment, Dems refuse to lead on impeachment, we’re screwed

–White House in turmoil, again, as “sleeper cells have awoken”, and Trump sinks deeper into isolation and paranoia

–Trump’s appointees line up to say “it wasn’t me”, will 45 set up firing squad?

–Republican neocon Max Boot has sympathy for Deep State Throat

–at The Intercept, Mehdi Hassan tells unnamed voice “Screw you”

The Intercept’s James Risen bails on this interview with Aaron Maté for being skeptical of Russiagate

–sparks fly over “confidential” documents as Dems continue to fight Kavanaugh nomination

–the documents show Kavanaugh spins and dissembles on many questions

–Mueller backs off demand for Trump interview, says he will take written responses

–AP report hypes fears of Russian election hacking, quotes Robby Mook without mentioning he was Hillary’s campaign manager

–evaluating UK PM Theresa May’s report on Russian agents blamed for Skripal incident, Craig Murray says the mystery deepens

–as Trump tweets praise for Little Rocket Man, his rogue Justice Dept. charges N. Korean spy with Sony hack in 2014

–Justice Dept. announces probe of social media rules and shadow banning

–TrumpCo declares war on Flores Settlement, provoking showdown with federal judge over detention of migrant children and families