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PBC News & Comment: Facebook, Twitter Execs Grilled on The Hill

Kavanaugh hearings start Day 2 as Twitter’s Dorsey and Facebook’s Sandberg accept that regulation is coming and try to minimize it….--Alex Jones crashed the party

--in Libya, Facebook is “weaponized” and is used to call in attacks

--US and allies called “Five Eyes” keep pushing for back doors in tech platforms

--after enduring a day of posturing senators, Kavanaugh dodges and dances around most key questions

--70 protesters were arrested at Kavanaugh hearing Tuesday, and Trump says protesting should be illegal

--Trump’s exploitation of Kaepernick’s NFL anthem protests has stoked divisions, and Nike’s new ad campaign sparks protests and praise

--more than 5 months after the incident, Britain offers some evidence that Russian agents were responsible for attack on Skripals

--retrial of Blackwater mercenary ends in hung jury, Nisour Square “collateral murder” video was one of Chelsea Manning’s first leaks

--far-right Newsmax website, a Trump favorite, calls for pardon for John Kiriakou, in article with new details of his political prosecution by Brennan, Mueller

--in Boston suburb, dreadlocked Ayanna Pressley pulls 18-point upset over lefty veteran Mike Capuano in House primary

--leader of House Dems Pelosi offers agenda that includes “pay-go”, producing heartburn for progressives

--facing term limits initiative and possible loss, Rahm Emmanuel won’t run for 3rd term as Chicago mayor