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PBC News & Comment: Jerry Brown Hosts San Francisco Climate Summit

Building his legacy and spurning Trump, Gov. Moonbeam hosts climate summit that draws many leaders and some protesters seeking more….–Brown talks tough, signs new law setting goal for 100% renewables by 2045, but many Californians know his record is mixed

–Brown has been more generous with clemency for convicts, setting recent records

–new reports shows that wrongful convictions have cost exonerees 20,000 years

–after lots of Mueller drama, Papadopoulos gets only 14 days in jail

–Mueller backs down on claims Maria Butina used sex in spying

–as New York state primary nears on Thursday, allies of Gov. Cuomo smear Cynthia Nixon as anti-Semitic

CBS boss Les Moonves exits with golden parachute after 6 more women accuse him of sex offenses

–publicly humiliated by Trump, AG Jeff Sessions demands N. Carolina voter registrations in hunt for voter fraud by noncitizens

–Sessions is also threatening cities that plan to open supervised injection sites to reduce opioid deaths

NY Times reveals secret meetings between Trump officials and military coup plotters in Venezuela

NY Times report says US misleads on the real situation in Afghanistan

–in attempt to duck charges of war crimes in Afghanistan, John Bolton threatens US sanctions on International Criminal Court

–in Guardian op-ed, Simon Tisdall calls the attack on ICC “the unacceptable face of American exceptionalism”

–also at The Guardian, David Sirota debuts new column, taking on the retro elements in Democratic leadership

–and last week The Guardian explained how Trump inauguration photos were doctored to try to please the Dear Tweeter