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PBC News & Comment: 9/11 Coverup and Myths Hold Firm After 17 Years

Corporate media continue to promote a false narrative and fear-filled Americans passively accept it, enabling Iraq war, torture, surveillance, police state….--Trump serves up platitudes at Shanksville, media embraces our bizarre new normal, and sheeple fall in line

--2 new books explore 9/11 contradictions: David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth’s 9/11 Unmasked and The Watchdogs Didn’t Bark by John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski

--death toll and cancer diagnoses of first responders continue to climb

--September 11 is a day of infamy, from the 1973 CIA-backed coup in Chile to the 2012 events in Benghazi, Libya

--Michael Scheuer, former head of CIA bin Laden office, has married notorious CIA agent Alfreda Bikowsky, now spews extreme pro-Trump commentary; the Salon report is here

--the war in Syria, indirectly a result of 9/11, appears to be in final stages and the war drums are deafening

--VIPS memo notes Trump’s unpredictable shifts on Syria,  as Russian media predicts a new staged chemical attack is in the works

--the expansion of domestic police state is part of the 9/11 legacy, and Shadowproof reports on police monitoring of social media of middle and high school students

--Trump discovers human rights issues in China, threatens sanctions that are connected to his trade war, not concern for Uighurs

--in Egypt, Trump OK’d $1 billion in military aid, the day before an American was sentenced to prison and 75 Egyptians sentenced to death for protests

--in-depth interview with Mark Pertschuk of GrassRootsChange explores the dark use of pre-emption to squelch local laws like soda taxes

--protesters add some spice to Jerry Brown’s climate summit in San Francisco

--EPA completes Scott Pruitt’s agenda, rolling back Obama regulations on methane leaks