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PBC News & Comment: 9/11 Coverup and Myths Hold Firm After 17 Years

Corporate media continue to promote a false narrative and fear-filled Americans passively accept it, enabling Iraq war, torture, surveillance, police state….–Trump serves up platitudes at Shanksville, media embraces our bizarre new normal, and sheeple fall in line

–2 new books explore 9/11 contradictions: David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth’s 9/11 Unmasked and The Watchdogs Didn’t Bark by John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski

–death toll and cancer diagnoses of first responders continue to climb

–September 11 is a day of infamy, from the 1973 CIA-backed coup in Chile to the 2012 events in Benghazi, Libya

–Michael Scheuer, former head of CIA bin Laden office, has married notorious CIA agent Alfreda Bikowsky, now spews extreme pro-Trump commentary; the Salon report is here

–the war in Syria, indirectly a result of 9/11, appears to be in final stages and the war drums are deafening

–VIPS memo notes Trump’s unpredictable shifts on Syria,  as Russian media predicts a new staged chemical attack is in the works

–the expansion of domestic police state is part of the 9/11 legacy, and Shadowproof reports on police monitoring of social media of middle and high school students

–Trump discovers human rights issues in China, threatens sanctions that are connected to his trade war, not concern for Uighurs

–in Egypt, Trump OK’d $1 billion in military aid, the day before an American was sentenced to prison and 75 Egyptians sentenced to death for protests

–in-depth interview with Mark Pertschuk of GrassRootsChange explores the dark use of pre-emption to squelch local laws like soda taxes

–protesters add some spice to Jerry Brown’s climate summit in San Francisco

–EPA completes Scott Pruitt’s agenda, rolling back Obama regulations on methane leaks