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PBC News & Comment: Trump White House, Home of the Whopper

Washington Post estimates almost 5,000 public lies by Trump, and at his mob rallies, he misleads 72% of the time…--number of Americans who trust Trump over the media is declining, but corporate media’s trustworthiness is at all-time low

--TrumpCo claims that “catch and release” immigrants don’t show for court hearings, but the real number is 80-90% who do show up

--despite the cruelty of “zero tolerance” broadcast worldwide, arrests of migrant families at the border jumped 38% in August

--as Hurricane Florence bears down on the Carolinas, we learn that FEMA diverted $10 million to pay for ICE detention centers

--Col. Andrew Bacevich, leading critic of US foreign policy, offers midterm review of Trump, “a pimple on the face of this nation’s history

--listeners respond to PBC’s comments about 9/11 coverup

--top producer of 60 Minutes is bounced by CBS for “harsh message to reporter” as he is being investigated for sexual misconduct

--Julia Salazar, who is a Democratic Socialist candidate for NY state senate and converted former Zionist, accuses Israeli spokesman of 2013 sex assault

--Washington’s archbishop talks of resignation over sex crime coverups as Pope Francis calls big Vatican meeting

--FDA cracks down on Juul for candy-flavored nicotine for vaping

--lawsuit accuses makers of Fun Kid Racing app of violating laws to protect kids from online tracking

--mystery prof. Joseph Misfud is convicted by Italian court in absentia, in case with no connection to Trump or Papadopolous

--Trump-hating Bay Area man faces felony charge for stabbing GOP candidate for Congress