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PBC News & Comment: Trump White House, Home of the Whopper

Washington Post estimates almost 5,000 public lies by Trump, and at his mob rallies, he misleads 72% of the time…–number of Americans who trust Trump over the media is declining, but corporate media’s trustworthiness is at all-time low

–TrumpCo claims that “catch and release” immigrants don’t show for court hearings, but the real number is 80-90% who do show up

–despite the cruelty of “zero tolerance” broadcast worldwide, arrests of migrant families at the border jumped 38% in August

–as Hurricane Florence bears down on the Carolinas, we learn that FEMA diverted $10 million to pay for ICE detention centers

–Col. Andrew Bacevich, leading critic of US foreign policy, offers midterm review of Trump, “a pimple on the face of this nation’s history

–listeners respond to PBC’s comments about 9/11 coverup

–top producer of 60 Minutes is bounced by CBS for “harsh message to reporter” as he is being investigated for sexual misconduct

–Julia Salazar, who is a Democratic Socialist candidate for NY state senate and converted former Zionist, accuses Israeli spokesman of 2013 sex assault

–Washington’s archbishop talks of resignation over sex crime coverups as Pope Francis calls big Vatican meeting

–FDA cracks down on Juul for candy-flavored nicotine for vaping

–lawsuit accuses makers of Fun Kid Racing app of violating laws to protect kids from online tracking

–mystery prof. Joseph Misfud is convicted by Italian court in absentia, in case with no connection to Trump or Papadopolous

–Trump-hating Bay Area man faces felony charge for stabbing GOP candidate for Congress