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PBC News & Comment: My Shortest Podcast Ever

As you’ll hear, today’s podcast was scuttled due to traffic gridlock in San Francisco from protests of Gov. Brown’s climate summit…..Environmentalists are protesting Gov. Jerry Brown as he hosts an international climate summit in San Francisco.  This article from the Sacramento Bee offers good explanations for the protests along with Brown’s uneven record on carbon regulation  in California.

Your humble host was caught in the gridlock from the summit and the protests as he drove to UC San Francisco for a conference on the Poison Papers, which was first reported in a podcast here in June.  PBC recorded interviews with Dr. Jonathan Latham of the Bioscience Research Project and with Dr. Stanton Glantz, UCSF’s legendary tobacco industry researcher.  Glantz created an archive for documents he collected–many from whistleblowers–on tobacco companies and their deadly products.  We plan to post those interviews on Friday, September 14.