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PBC News & Comment: Manafort Deal Shows There’s Not Much Russia in Russiagate

Manafort’s plea deal triggers jubilance among Russiagate promoters, but Mueller prosecutors admit his convictions aren’t related to Russian “election meddling”…--for a dose of realism, we turn to Aaron Maté at The Nation

--confirmation hearings will likely be delayed after Kavanaugh’s accuser from high school days says she will testify before Senate committee

--this late hit is a high-risk maneuver that could unify Dems and peel off some GOP votes—or it could backfire, bigly

--MeToo backlash as Asia Argento threatens to sue Rose McGowan

--GOP Rep. Chris Collins, fighting criminal insider trading charges, changes his mind and will stay on the re-election ballot

--billionaire former NYC mayor Bloomberg floats trial balloon for 2020 run for prez as Democrat

--Trump and Pompeo blast John Kerry for meeting with Iranian foreign minister, and claim Kerry undermined US policy

--in in-depth interview, author Jordan H. Carver talks about his unusual perspectives on America’s rendition, torture and detention adventures under Bush II

--in strong op-ed, ACLU’s Brett Max Kaufman blames Obama for Trump’s less-regulated use of drone warfare

--Obama’s attacks on whistleblowers and journalists authorized use of FISA court to pursue reporters, reports The Intercept

--Border Patrol agent confesses to 4 murders after 5th woman escapes abduction

--Justice Dept tries to suppress evidence that Border Patrol targeted humanitarian volunteers aiding migrants