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In-Depth Interviews: Dr. Jonathan Latham and UCSF Anti-tobacco Crusader Stan Glantz on the Poison Papers and More

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The Poison Papers have been added to the UCSF Industry Documents Library, and we get comments from researcher Dr. Jonathan Latham and veteran tobacco industry researcher Dr. Stan Glantz….Latham introduced us to the Posion Papers in this podcast last June.  He runs the Bioscience Resource Project.  You can browse the documents here.  In this interview, he shares some of the information gleaned from documents that expose how the EPA engages in “proactive collusion” with the industries it is supposed to regulate.  And he raises a very provocative question: can science truly determine the risk factors associated with toxic chemicals?

Our second interview is with Stanton Glantz, who created the UCSF Industry Documents Library with his collection of papers on the tobacco industry.  He comments on the FDA, and its current efforts to regulate fruit-flavored nicotine products used in e-cigarettes or vaping.