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PBC News & Comment: Kavanaugh Accuser Wants Investigation First

As GOP leaders try to force Kavanaugh-Ford showdown on Monday, Ford’s lawyers demand FBI investigation first, roiling political currents….–on his way to toss paper towels at survivors of Hurricane Florence, Trump is unusually restrained in comments about Ford

–the attorney who exposed Kavanugh’s mentor, Judge Alex Kosinski, says court workers have info on their relationship

–the likely delay forces conservaDems and some Repubs to change course

–new polls show Dems may win back House by narrow margin, Senate in doubt

–Ray McGovern says Trump’s order to declassify Russiagate documents will be “slow-walked”

–George Papadopoulos aims angry tweets at Aussie diplomat Alexander Downer, who is dodging all questions

–on MSDNC last night, Hillary Clinton bonded with Maddow over Russiagate, then artfully ducked questions about impeachment, of Trump and Bill Clinton

–in Salisbury, Russian-born woman claims she and husband were poisoned, but police don’t believe it

–Kim Jong-un makes promises to Moon Jae-in at summit in Pyongyang

–Trump slams Sessions again, over Mueller probe and immigration

–Mike Pence got senior official fired from USAID after being quoted in article criticizing Pence

–in North Carolina, the number of pig waste ponds at risk doubles in a day

–in trial of Chicago cop who killed Laquan McDonald, cops are forced to break the code of silence

–new report predicts that half of all cell phone calls will be robocalls by next year