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PBC News & Comment: Smears, Lies and Deception

Corporate media goes deep on Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh, with too much coverage and too little news…more media malpractice….--Limbaugh intentionally mispronounces Dr. Blasy as “Dr. Ballsy” as attacks on alleged victim grow nastier

NY Times debunks 5 big lies that have been used to discredit her

--GOP evangelical leaders dismiss allegations in rush to confirm the guy who they hope will overturn Roe v. Wade

--Yale Law power couple whose daughter clerks for Kavanaugh send mixed messages about his view of women

--in op-ed, Alabama law professor makes the case for impeaching Kavanaugh if he is confirmed

--in our latest in-depth interview, attorney Ron Fein makes the case for impeaching Trump without delay

--in powerful essay at The Nation, Marine veteran of Afghan war blasts Dems for morphing into some of the biggest hawks

--NY Times runs lengthy recap of Russiagate with caveat: “Plausible case….(that) cannot be proved or disproved”

--Bob Woodward told interviewer he didn’t find any evidence of Trump-Russia collusion

--at ConsortiumNews, veteran reporter John Pilger blasts the media

--FAIR analyzed the guests on NPR’s Morning Edition, and they lean to the right

--Facebook is expanding its “fake news” censorship to photos and videos

--Korean leaders make progress, as Kim asks for another meeting with Trump

--will Trump sign budget bill and avoid shutdown? Repubs are nervous

--Michael Moore’s latest agitprop, Fahrenheit 11/9 debuts this weekend

--my old friend Tom Campbell, former congressman and former Republican, floats plan for 3rd party in California