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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Self-Control on Dr. Ford Didn’t Last Long

After several days of remarkable (for Trump) restraint, our Dear Tweeter attacks Brett Kavanuagh’s accuser and “radical left-wing politicians”…--lawyers for Christine Blasy Ford appear to have forced GOP to delay hearings again, at least until next Thursday

--in op-ed, Rebecca Solnit says we keep blaming women for men’s failures

--former FBI #2 Andy McCabe says Rod Rosenstein talked about taping Trump meetings and invoking 25th Amendment last year; swift denial from Rosenstein

--under pressure, Trump does about face on declassifying Russiagate documents

--bragging about looser rules for US offensive cyberattacks, John Bolton reveals that China is tagged for hacking Office of Personnel Management

--The Guardian reveals Russia’s secret plan to extract Julian Assange from embassy in London, which was called off at last moment

--the brutal war in Yemen is getting a little coverage in US, as The Intercept reports that former Raytheon lobbyist persuaded Pompeo to protect arms sales to Saudis

--email alert reports new violence in Gaza, 5 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire

--Death Row Records founder Suge Knight pleads ”no contest” in deal with 28-year prison sentence

--Montana studies North Dakota's crackdown on Standing Rock protests in preparation for militarized response to expected protests of pipeline construction

--one of Chicago's most brutal cops, John Burge has died; Shadowproof reports