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PBC News & Comment: Media Malpractice Leaves Rosenstein Hanging By Thread

Friday’s NY Times leaked gossip about Rod Rosenstein puts Deputy AG at risk of ouster, just the Gray Lady’s latest blunder….–Monday started with heavy speculation of Rosenstein removal, but Trump is at UN so confrontation is delayed to Thursday

–Andy McCabe denies leaking his memo of the meeting, so who did leak it?

–at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria slams NY Times for last week’s 10,000 word rehash of Russiagate

–last week, Ray McGovern was right: intel agencies killed Trump’s plan to declassify Russiagate documents

The Guardian is blasted by former British Ambassador Craig Murray for “complete and utter fabrication” in last week’s report of scheme to move Assange to Russia

–renewed chaos in Kavanaugh confirmation, as new accuser surfaces just as Christine Ford agrees to testify on Thursday

–if Mark Judge doesn’t testify, salacious quotes from his book will be used by Dems

–rightly or not, Kavanaugh is being “Borked”, and TrumpCo is desperate to salvage the nomination

–Trump’s opening move at UN General Assembly was to ram through a vaguely defined global war on drugs

–Trump aides are trying to keep the orange combover on script, but fear he will go rogue with Iran and North Korea

–Iran is blaming US and Gulf allies for attack on military parade that killed 25

–Russia tweaks Israel with shipment of advanced anti-aircraft system

–as the “Whatever War” grinds on to Year 18 in Afghanistan, body counts are kept secret because the Taliban is killing lots of Afghan troops

–copying Trumpism, Italy’s new far right government abolishes protections for migrants

–in new interview at WhoWhatWhy, Harvard migration expert Jacqueline Bhabha puts migration issues in context, and slams Trump over family separation

–deportation is imminent for Illinois pastor with legal residency who voted once, 12 years ago

–SiriusXM satellite radio buys online music service Pandora