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PBC News & Comment: Americans Binge-Watch SCOTUS Confirmation Theater 3.0

Both Ford and Kavanaugh present emotional testimony in rigged hearing—will it shift any GOP senators’ votes in rushed process?….–Christine Blasey Ford gave credible testimony, and the GOP hired gun didn’t undermine her story in any major way

–Kavanaugh’s staunch and repeated denials were delivered with anger, sniffling and a few tears

–where the hell is witness Mark Judge?

–Jill Abramson, who covered Clarence Thomas hearings, says this one is stacked against Ford

–4th accuser surfaces in anonymous letter from mom

–Democrat Keith Ellison faces abuse charges from former girlfriend, asks House Ethics Committee to investigate

–Trump spent 3 days stinking up the UN, then gave rambling 80-minute presser with lots of sexism

The Guardian sinks lower, using Bellingcat reporting on Russian suspects in Novichok case with comical result

–as TSA tested facial recognition system, airlines cancelled scans to keep flights on time

–San Francisco skyscraper and transit center show structural defects

–in Texas, AG Ken Paxton tries to score political points in federal action against student who sat during pledge of allegiance