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PBC News & Comment: Americans Binge-Watch SCOTUS Confirmation Theater 3.0

Both Ford and Kavanaugh present emotional testimony in rigged hearing—will it shift any GOP senators’ votes in rushed process?....--Christine Blasey Ford gave credible testimony, and the GOP hired gun didn’t undermine her story in any major way

--Kavanaugh’s staunch and repeated denials were delivered with anger, sniffling and a few tears

--where the hell is witness Mark Judge?

--Jill Abramson, who covered Clarence Thomas hearings, says this one is stacked against Ford

--4th accuser surfaces in anonymous letter from mom

--Democrat Keith Ellison faces abuse charges from former girlfriend, asks House Ethics Committee to investigate

--Trump spent 3 days stinking up the UN, then gave rambling 80-minute presser with lots of sexism

--The Guardian sinks lower, using Bellingcat reporting on Russian suspects in Novichok case with comical result

--as TSA tested facial recognition system, airlines cancelled scans to keep flights on time

--San Francisco skyscraper and transit center show structural defects

--in Texas, AG Ken Paxton tries to score political points in federal action against student who sat during pledge of allegiance