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PBC News & Comment: Dirty Deeds: Committee Approves Kavanaugh, With a Twist

In devilish deal, Jeff Flake delivers vote that sends Kavanaugh nomination to the floor, with fuzzy agreement for 1-week delay….--Flake, Manchin and Murkowski seek FBI investigations into accusations during proposed week-long delay….will McConnell go along?

--in rush to confirm deeply flawed candidate, GOP ignores Bar Assn, Yale Law School and Jesuits, former allies who now oppose Kavanaugh

--Trump Virus has fully infected Republican party, power based on lies, misogyny

--in yesterday’s hearing, Lindsay Graham’s hissy fit enabled Kavanaugh’s combative, misleading answers to Democrats’ questions

--DINO Sen. Joe Donnelly of Indiana will vote against Kavanaugh, so focus is on Collins, Murkowski, Heitkamp and Manchin

--Facebook reports network attack that affected 50 million users

--Tech giants are working with DC Republicans on data privacy law that would pre-empt California’s stronger new law

--new PBC interview spotlights fresh voice with strong views: Lyle Jeremy Rubin, Marine vet of Afghanistan, warns of Democrats’ shift to hawkish views

--House Intel committee votes to releases most transcripts from Russia investigation

--SEC slams Tesla founder Elon Musk for tweets about taking company private

-- in the latest giveaway to rogue utility P G & E, Gov. Brown signs bill shifting liability for wildfires from shareholders to ratepayers