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PBC News & Comment: Kavanuagh Picked a Fight After UB-40 Show

Yale classmate’s revelation of drunk Kavanaugh provoking bar fight in New Haven proves, again, Lyin’ Cryin’ Brett is not qualified…..

–listen to Loose Bruce Kerr’s update of the Yale drinking tune, The Whiffenpoof Song here

–it’s pretty clear to any honest observer that Kavanaugh has not been truthful, but standards have eroded a but under Trump

WashPost columnist Paul Waldman recounts latest exposure of Kavanaugh’s dissembling along with the growing stack of lies

–America’s leading Flake says he will vote against Kavanugh if lies are proven, but he’s pretty selective

–when the FBI completes its whirlwind investigation, who gets the report?

–in early Senate floor debate on nomination, Dems stress temperament of unhinged candidate

–Harvard’s Laurence Tribe says Kavanaugh would have to recuse himself on many cases after his hyper partisan attacks

–driven by polls that show males support Trump and Kavanaugh, the GOP spin is all about pity for white boys, especially the entitled ones

–at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria recaps the story and reveals his experience as a young altar boy who rejected sexual advances from a priest

–in op-ed, Bill McKibben exposes Trump’s actions on climate and migrant children while we’ve been distracted by confirmation drama

–new California law requiring women on corporate boards would only affect 72 companies

–oligarch Jeff Bezos decides to share the wealth, raising Amazon’s minimum wage to $15 after Bernie Sanders protested

–in op-ed, Prof. Josephine Wolff hammers Trump for “reckless” cybersecurity strategy

WashPost and Esquire reveal that Rep. Devin Nunes’ family farm is in Iowa, and miss critical factor: Nunes claims to be a farmer on the ballot

–Melania splits for Africa to promote programs Donnie wants to cripple

–Alex Trebek moderated debate of governor candidates in Pennsylvania, gets panned

–FBI raid in Oregon faced booby traps like Raiders of the Lost Ark