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PBC News & Comment: Kavanuagh Picked a Fight After UB-40 Show

Yale classmate’s revelation of drunk Kavanaugh provoking bar fight in New Haven proves, again, Lyin’ Cryin’ Brett is not qualified…..

--listen to Loose Bruce Kerr's update of the Yale drinking tune, The Whiffenpoof Song here

--it’s pretty clear to any honest observer that Kavanaugh has not been truthful, but standards have eroded a but under Trump

--WashPost columnist Paul Waldman recounts latest exposure of Kavanaugh’s dissembling along with the growing stack of lies

--America’s leading Flake says he will vote against Kavanugh if lies are proven, but he’s pretty selective

--when the FBI completes its whirlwind investigation, who gets the report?

--in early Senate floor debate on nomination, Dems stress temperament of unhinged candidate

--Harvard’s Laurence Tribe says Kavanaugh would have to recuse himself on many cases after his hyper partisan attacks

--driven by polls that show males support Trump and Kavanaugh, the GOP spin is all about pity for white boys, especially the entitled ones

--at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria recaps the story and reveals his experience as a young altar boy who rejected sexual advances from a priest

--in op-ed, Bill McKibben exposes Trump’s actions on climate and migrant children while we’ve been distracted by confirmation drama

--new California law requiring women on corporate boards would only affect 72 companies

--oligarch Jeff Bezos decides to share the wealth, raising Amazon’s minimum wage to $15 after Bernie Sanders protested

--in op-ed, Prof. Josephine Wolff hammers Trump for “reckless” cybersecurity strategy

--WashPost and Esquire reveal that Rep. Devin Nunes’ family farm is in Iowa, and miss critical factor: Nunes claims to be a farmer on the ballot

--Melania splits for Africa to promote programs Donnie wants to cripple

--Alex Trebek moderated debate of governor candidates in Pennsylvania, gets panned

--FBI raid in Oregon faced booby traps like Raiders of the Lost Ark