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PBC News & Comment: Can We Trust FBI’s Kavanaugh Investigation?

The agency with a checkered, sordid history—recent and ancient—has been given big assignment with impossible deadline, fuzzy orders….--at NAFTA news conference, Trump adds more confusion regarding scope of FBI renewed background investigation

--the Kavanaugh case is one of a handful where Republicans fight for the rights of the accused, presumption of innocence, rules of evidence

--former FBI boss St. James Comey criticizes the ground rules, but says “the FBI can do this”

--but former FBI agents have doubts

--Kavanaugh’s Yale classmate and one-time drinking buddy hammers Brett, as alumni of Georgetown Prep call for honesty

--there’s clear evidence that Kavanaugh perjured himself, crossing Flake’s line

--Kavanaugh’s answers about his relationship with dis-robed Alex Kozinski are doubted

--Rachel Mitchell, the female prosecutor who subbed for GOP senators, issues a misleading report as fodder for Fox and Rush

--NY Times opinion writer Roger Cohen wrote a good column about the confirmation circus

--amid the partisan wars, former GOP Rep. Tom Campbell is proposing a third party in California, as he explains in new WhoWhatWhy podcast

--at NAFTA news conference, Trump continues rude behavior toward female reporters

--the renegotiated deal appears to be an improvement, but we don’t have all the details, and steel tariffs remain for Canada and Mexico

--settling lawsuit, Washington Times retracts Seth Rich report

--at deadline, California Gov. Jerry Brown signs net neutrality law—drawing immediate lawsuit—and a few other good bills

--Tesla founder Elon Musk quickly settles with SEC, will pay $40 million for one tweet

--Jefferson Airplane co-founder Marty Balin dies at age 76. Here are a couple of my favorite songs he sang in: Comin Back to Me from first Airplane album and St. Charles by Jefferson Starship