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PBC News & Comment: Can We Trust FBI’s Kavanaugh Investigation?

The agency with a checkered, sordid history—recent and ancient—has been given big assignment with impossible deadline, fuzzy orders….–at NAFTA news conference, Trump adds more confusion regarding scope of FBI renewed background investigation

–the Kavanaugh case is one of a handful where Republicans fight for the rights of the accused, presumption of innocence, rules of evidence

–former FBI boss St. James Comey criticizes the ground rules, but says “the FBI can do this”

–but former FBI agents have doubts

–Kavanaugh’s Yale classmate and one-time drinking buddy hammers Brett, as alumni of Georgetown Prep call for honesty

–there’s clear evidence that Kavanaugh perjured himself, crossing Flake’s line

–Kavanaugh’s answers about his relationship with dis-robed Alex Kozinski are doubted

–Rachel Mitchell, the female prosecutor who subbed for GOP senators, issues a misleading report as fodder for Fox and Rush

NY Times opinion writer Roger Cohen wrote a good column about the confirmation circus

–amid the partisan wars, former GOP Rep. Tom Campbell is proposing a third party in California, as he explains in new WhoWhatWhy podcast

–at NAFTA news conference, Trump continues rude behavior toward female reporters

–the renegotiated deal appears to be an improvement, but we don’t have all the details, and steel tariffs remain for Canada and Mexico

–settling lawsuit, Washington Times retracts Seth Rich report

–at deadline, California Gov. Jerry Brown signs net neutrality law—drawing immediate lawsuit—and a few other good bills

–Tesla founder Elon Musk quickly settles with SEC, will pay $40 million for one tweet

–Jefferson Airplane co-founder Marty Balin dies at age 76. Here are a couple of my favorite songs he sang in: Comin Back to Me from first Airplane album and St. Charles by Jefferson Starship