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PBC News & Comment: America is Confronting a Truth Emergency

Truth is victim of GOP power grab, as FBI’s politically-restrained “investigation” is shown to senators, Flake and Collins wavering….–our pal Roy Zimmerman serves up timely satire tune, W.I.M.P.

–five unreliable senators—two Dems—will determine Kavanaugh’s fate

–Dems just don’t seem to learn PBC’s key lesson: FBI can’t be trusted

–the list of credible witnesses who know Kavanaugh committed perjury is the list of people the FBI didn’t interview

–Barf O’Kavanaugh’s Yale roommate, Jamie Roche, knows that Kavanaugh lied under oath

–as Repubs see “no corroboration” in FBI report, Dems strongly disagree, but rules prevent them from being specific

–Trump ignorantly calls for “presumption of innocence” for Kavanaugh, but doesn’t extend it to other cases like Central Park 5

–here’s the link to my interview with Ken Burns and exonerated Raymond Santana of Central Park 5

–at The Intercept, Lee Fang details corporate support for Kavanaugh, and what they hope to get in exchange

–Harvard’s women’s diving coach is suspended after charges of unaddressed sexual violations of female divers in Indiana

–Public Citizen releases helpful analysis of Trump’s draft of NAFTA reform

–federal judge in San Francisco issues national injunction to block planned deportation of people displaced by natural disasters

Buzzfeed profiled an Ohio woman who grabbed the Twitter account “Guccifer2” as a joke, drawing FBI interest and false claims of Russian collusion

–US charges 7 Russian “spies” for allegedly hacking related to sports doping, Skripal case and Syria

–Russian bots blamed for half of traffic aimed at dividing Star Wars fans

–Bloomberg reports that China inserted surveillance chips in motherboards used in American servers

–Mumia Abu-Jamal explains why all 27 prisons in Pennsylvania are locked down

–Standing Rock activist who was seriously injured by cops now faces prison time