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PBC News & Comment: As Expected, Sens. Collins and Flake Prove to be Tools

Collins of Maine, Flake of Arizona deliver the key votes to confirm Kavanaugh, proving that Trump virus fully infects GOP…–the confirmation process takes America to new low, will voters reward or punish GOP in November?

–Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota deserve momentary credit for opposing Kavanaugh

–Kavanaugh continued to act as political spinmeiser, misrepresenting himself in last-minute Wall Street Journal column

–many PBC listeners probably missed the virulent lies about Blasey Ford spread by Michael Savage and Alex Jones

–retired Justice Stevens changed his mind after Kavanaugh’s testimony

–activists in Maine raise almost $2 million to oppose Collins in 2020

–Liar-in-chief says protesters were paid by Soros

–ex-Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke is convicted of 2nd degree murder of Laquan McDonald

–ACLU charges San Francisco police targeted blacks only in drug arrests

–activists expose sick and starving penned-up chickens at farm where Rocky and Rosie free-range chickens are grown

–free verse from Jens Ivan Nielsen in Bornholm, Denmark

–Denmark reels from $2 billion fraud in tax refund scam

–scientists raise serious objections to Pentagon’s ”Insect Allies” research program, which could lead to biological weapons like US used in Korean war

–Max Blumenthal exposes biased reporter whose coverage of Nicaraguan protests in Washington Post and Guardian was deeply biased

–WhoWhatWhy breaks blackout on Libya, reporting that EU pays Libyan militias to block migrants attempting transit to Europe

–more Gazans were killed by Israel today, Hamas leader proposes cease-fire

–at Truthdig, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter recaps Netanyahu’s recent drama at the UN

–new political ad uses reverse psychology, reverse agism to influence millennials to vote…will it work?  Send comments to