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PBC News & Comment: Silicon Valley Suppresses Free Speech

In body blow to First Amendment, Facebook and Twitter arbitrarily took down hundreds of sites claiming “coordinated inauthentic activity” (WTF?)…--in front page story, NY Times focuses on “Right Wing News” platform, but many users now banned tilt to the left

--more honest coverage from World Socialist Web Site and Caitlin Johnstone at The Antimedia, which has been targeted

--Facebook reduces estimate of hacked accounts from 50 million to 30 million, and details data that could have been taken

--in fresh interview, “valve turner” Emily Johnston expresses relief and disappointment that she was acquitted at trial, unable to present “necessity defense”

--in surprise move, Turkey orders release of American pastor Andrew Brunson

--the suspected murder of Jamal Khashoggi at Saudi consulate in Istanbul exposes America’s deep ties to Saudis, especially in the tech sector

--in Gaza today, 6 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire

--the nation of Malaysia, and Washington state, are banning capital punishment

--Pentagon grounds F-35 fighters after recent crash of $100 million aircraft

--Trump’s official immigrant-hater, Stephen Miller, is cooking up new schemes for family separation of migrants

--TrumpCo floats ideas to limit access to protesters, and charge them for using free speech rights on public property

--in ABC interview, Melania Trump deflects questions about Donnie’s girlfriends

--FOIA fiend Jason Leopold breaks another story: that White House chief of staff John Kelly called Sen. Elizabeth Warren “an impolite arrogant woman”