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PBC News & Comment: Pelosi is Allergic to Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi tells hometown paper she’d get Trump’s tax returns if Dems retake House, but opposes impeachment of Trump, Kavanaugh…--NY Times says both sides are ready to fight over Kavanaugh, as it dismisses impeachment prospects

--in op-ed, Sean McElwee urges Dems to impede the Court and undermine support for conservative justices

--new website at is portal for sexual assault

--grilled by Sen. Kamala Harris, FBI director Wray admits that the FBI probe into Kavanaugh after Ford accusations was “limited in scope”

--the limo that killed 20 people in NY state is owned by former FBI informant in multiple “terrorism” cases, thanks to Linda Lewis for the tip

--accused of supporting BDS, American student has been detained at Israeli airport for a week, and even “unhinged Zionists” object

--PBC’s skepticism of Bellingcat is supported by this expose at MintPressNews

--Gareth Porter is skeptical of the “shaky case” that Russia manipulated social media during 2016 campaign

--Mueller claims another scalp, as California man who “unwittingly” sold banking info to Russians gets 6 months in prison

--NY Times Magazine cover story on election security is rehash of old concerns, ignores Crosscheck, voter purges in GA and IN, scanner issues in MI

--but WhoWhatWhy is providing good coverage of the real election problems

--our pal Pepe Escobar breaks down the political breakdown in his native Brazil

--citizens’ commission in North Carolina issues report on rendition flights that originated from obscure air field in NC

--the Khashoggi disappearances puts spotlight on Crown Prince Jared and Saudi Crown Prince MBS

--Trump clearly signals he values arms trade over human rights, opposes sanctions on Saudis over Khashoggi case

--Trump slams Medicare for All in op-ed, fact checkers say every sentence was false or misleading

--Trump bullies Federal Reserve over interest rates as stock market plummets

--in ABC interview without her pith helmet, Melania Trump claims she could be “the most bullied person” in the world

--PBC calls back after bad robocalls alert him to IRS lawsuit