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PBC News & Comment: Neil Young Supports SF Jurors in Monsanto Verdict

Rocker Neil Young, whose latest release is “Monsanto Years” and wife Darryl Hannah join jurors fighting for $289 million judgment….–judge who showed pro-Monsanto bias in Roundup case gets pushback from jurors to “honor our verdict”

–Neil Young and Darryl Hannah attended the trial, and support the verdict in this op-ed

–new study shows 93% of Americans have glyphosate in their urine

–SF federal magistrate rules against ACLU in case about abortion access for pregnant immigrants

–Frisco tech billionaires engage in Twitter fight over measure to tax tech for homeless services

new report shows that Uber and Lyft cause half of increased traffic congestion

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s attempt to silence Trump over Indian ancestry backfires, and raise important questions for a President Warren

–in fair critique, Briahna Gray zeroes in on Warren’s classification as minority at Harvard

—Warren was pretty quiet on Keystone, DAPL and current Bayou pipeline protests

–in love letter to Warren, Andrew Bacevich exposes that Warren has few foreign policy positions

–Democrats finally pay attention to GOP voter suppression schemes, ignoring the great work of Greg Palast and WhoWhatWhy

–in case that compromised NY Times reporter Ali Watkins, former Senate staffer James Wolfe takes guilty plea to avoid messy trial

–Ecuador eases some restrictions on Julian Assange, and tightens others

–official rumors indicate Saudis will float cover story for murder of Khashoggi

–in separate stories the same day, NY Times raises fear of Saudi oil cutbacks, then says that would have little impact

–at Consortium News, American professor says Khashoggi was no critic of Saudi regime

–federal judge tosses Stormy Daniels’ defamation suit

–Hillary Clinton gets bashed for claiming Lewinsky affair wasn’t abuse of power