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PBC News & Comment: Is Saudi Brutality Worse Than US Torture, Rendition, Drone Assassination?

American media and political leaders ramp up selective outrage over barbaric assassination of Khashoggi, ignoring our own ugly recent history….–in Turkey, state-controlled media release gruesome details of Khashoggi’s torture and beheading, based on audio recordings

–media have identified members of the 15-man kill squad, including top forensic doctor and members of MBS’ security detail

Buzzfeed reveals 2015 assassination in Yemen carried out by American mercenary group, during the Obama administration

–Trump keeps covering for the Saudis, invoking Kavanaugh and guilty-till-proven-innocent meme

The Intercept reports “Outraged Lawmakers” want sanctions on Saudi Arabia

–in fascinating interview, Harvard Law Prof. Gabriella Blum explains how Israeli legal justifications influenced US policies on targeted killings

–from 2001 to 2005, the CIA kidnapped 150 people, and Obama obstructed justice by blocking investigation and prosecution

–the Saudis clearly botched this operation, but the CIA rendition of Abu Omar from Milan in 2003 was bungled as badly

–Treasury Dept. employee is charged with leaking documents to Jason Leopold, who published them at Buzzfeed

–in column for ConsortiumNews, John Kiriakou defends FBI whistleblower Darin Jones

Slate reports that Bloomberg reports that Bob Mueller is likely to issue a report on collusion and obstruction after midterms

–Trump tweets pathetic threats to Honduras and caravan of migrants that has left Honduras

–September was the biggest month ever for family crossings at Mexican border

–Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign made big blunder by listing sex assault victims without their permission

–as GOP tax cuts drive up the deficit, McConnell blames Boomer “entitlements”

–most corporate media outlets show no interest in the impact of Facebook’s purge of political pages last week