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PBC News & Comment: Tales of Two Whistleblowers

Treasury official who leaked to Jason Leopold may have flipped; African American FBI agent who challenged racist policies faces sentencing….--in Treasury leak, charging documents use metadata from encrypted text traffic to show path of leaks to Leopold; pro-Trump site Redstate has interesting take

--another leaker to The Intercept is going to jail, former FBI agent Terry Albury says he blew the whistle over racism

--at Buzzfeed, Marc Belisle slams Facebook for censorship of Reverb, where he used to work

--TrumpCo sends mixed messages about Saudi assassination as WashPost runs Khashoggi’s final column

--exiled Saudi friend of Khashoggi’s reveals how MBS envoys tried to lure him back to probable trap

--NY Times pundits Bret Stephens and Tom Friedman share their “wisdom”

--insider attack kills Afghan leaders in Kandahar, missing American general

--2 prisoners who were cleared for release under Obama are stuck at Gitmo

--Ecuadorian documents show attempt to ship Assange to Russia last year

--spooked by new migrant caravan, Trump threatens to shut Mexican border

--Senate Dems thought they had a deal on judge nominations, but GOP screws them again